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  1. I popped the Herschel wedge on just to check, soon went back in the box
  2. I'm interested in the 40mm, PM sent.
  3. I always enjoy hunting out Mercury in the morning or evening twilight. I usually study Stellarium to get an idea how it will look. On that date Arcturus will probably be a good marker ( don't get them mixed up ).
  4. I've not completed observing for the assignment yet but I have been keeping an observation log. I got the 9th edition earlier this year when I was thinking about the course. It was that edition which was on the course information I had a the time. I felt I had made a mistake when everyone else seemed to have the 10th edition but I think I've come out best as I paid a fraction of the current price and got starry night included.
  5. Yes I've started the AA1051 Introduction to Astronomy course. As you can tell I don't post here much and only just found this thread a year late :-D
  6. The 9th edition includes Starry Night planetarium software not sure 10th edition does. Can't believe the price of these now !
  7. Sorted, actually a focus issue.
  8. I'm looking at starting guiding for DSO imaging. I have a QHY IMG0H camera which I've been using for planetary imaging. When testing the camera with PHD all I get is a noisy white display although the camera is fine with Firecapture and EZ Planetary. When choosing the camera in PHD I have to choose the ASCOM option and the IMG0H driver appears under that. Can anyone using the IMG0H help?
  9. Hi Jules, the 1 1/4 EP adapter should separate and just the ring attaches to the T ring.
  10. I just find them easier to use and they don't mark the EP
  11. Hi Jules, I've used the standard 150p on the AZ4 with BST explorers, great grab and go setup. I also use it for imaging on the eq6, haven't found the lack of 10:1 focuser a handicap.
  12. I can't help, but I've had the same problem. Usually I park the scope and start again, quite frustrating when you want to get on imaging
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