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  1. Not a good picture, Taken with my top of the range (not so smart phone) LG Viewty through solar glasses...
  2. Not seen it yet been at work , Did watch the Eclipse live (but not live) an hour or so later after being outside watching it and i enjoyed it .
  3. Wow!.. that is almost too good.
  4. Great Job Cliff, hope mine come out as good... Like the sun spots on the moon (first image) lol
  5. Whoohoo!, got to see the eclipse, Been on nights but Asked the wife to wake me if the seeing was good, missed first contact but got the rest, took some pictures with mobile will see if they came out and upload later, Back at work at 12:30pm (quick turnaround ) But worth getting up for
  6. Think you got the wrong end of the stick baggywrinkle, I think your talking about the Solar eclipse today astroeddie is talking about "Lunar" easy mistake to make with all this excitement going on.
  7. Ahh... i see now, Don't watch Clarckson..Used to, I find him arrogant and irritating. Ptarmigan.... Sorry if i got and gave the wrong impression
  8. I liked your comment.. BUT not got a clue about the Jeremy Clarkson thing lol As for Mitchell's commentary.. I didn't find him patronising, I found him easy on the ears lol
  9. I Do agree with you totally Olly.. They need something in the style of Open university, now i would love to watch that, whether any of it would sink in is another story (this is where i find the people with a great ability to remember things in long term memory is the key to intelligence and the two go hand in hand... its all about memory) I can watch/read something that goes deep and 10 minutes later i forgotten it lol i digress... Well anyway they can still use the "waffle" but explain it in "layman's terms" for us thats a bit slow
  10. Well I like Dumbed down, Cos i find it condescending when some people try to baffle with waffle. Programs on TV are broadcast to a diverse audience and try to cater for those with an interest in astronomy/cosmology. So Yes i agree with you to an extent Dave . Keep it simple suits me (and many others)
  11. It's becoming more apparent, I should have stay'd in school more

  12. Well put Cath, I agree, but isn't Stephen Hawking our top guy at the moment?... He gets a lot of "limelight" these days, he's done some good things, or may be Alan Guth or Edward Witten and then there's Brian Cox...(i'm sure there will be more) There is one thing i do know though....i hope they find out in my lifetime. This breakthrough will open so many doors to our understanding of everything (i think in all science), maybe CERN will find the answer and if there is more particles than the ones we already know i think this will be the key to everything for all areas of science, One worry i d
  13. Said i should have gone to school more lol...sorry annihilation (above post edited) thanks Ptarmigan
  14. Hi Yarn...Welcome..... Hope you have a great time at SGLX
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