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  1. A C11 may be a little too much, but I may just be overly cautious. I certainly I wouldn’t try it without a sturdy tripod and the RST-135 counterweight.
  2. The mount is connected to the ASIAIR via USB cable and I connect to the ASIAIR via WiFi using my iPad. However the ASIAIR is connected to my home network using a TP-Link mini router to assist with the range issues the ASIAIR suffers from.
  3. So I said I’d report back when I’d tried the new multi-star guiding on the RST-135. Well it’s currently chugging away in the back garden during my first break in the clouds for weeks and I have to say I’m pretty stunned by the results. I’d never had better than 1.2” with this mount, with an average of around 1.3”. This is the first time out with the new software on the ASIAIR Pro and it’s now averaging around 0.6 or better! Amazing
  4. I actually have one of these that I don't use (in fact it's never been used in anger). It's in great condition, just a few small marks on the dovetail where it's been mounted a few times on the scope. I haven't got the finder base though as that's already in service on one of my scopes. If you're still interested let me know and I'll post some photos. Cheers
  5. The guiding has been nothing to write home about, so far, t.b.h. The ASIAIR Pro has been reporting around 1.3" RMS average. Although the images I've been getting seem to be fine, so I haven't worried about it too much. That said, the new multi-star guiding in PHD2 (also implemented in the beta firmware for ASIAIR Pro) is supposed to transform the RST-135's guiding capabilities and bring it well under 1". I have the ASIAIR beta firmware installed but it's been cloudy since I installed it, so I haven't been able to confirm it yet. I'll report back the next time I get chance to do some imaging.
  6. I've just swapped out my RT90C tripod for an Avalon T-Pod 90. The RT90C was fine for my Tak FSQ-85, but I'm planning on moving that on for an FSQ-106 soon and was a little uncomfortable that the rig would be top heavy. The T-Pod 90 is a bit heavier but I can still pick the whole rig up quite easily to move it outside. It does feel a lot more stable now though.
  7. Hi All, Can anyone recommend a Reducer/Flattener for my Vixen FL102S refractor? Will any Reducer for an F9 refractor work or does it need to be matched to the scope? The Vixen is old so there’s no matching Reducer available now. I have considered the Skywatcher 0.85x Reducer/Flattener for the Evostar ED100 as that’s also an F9 with pretty much the same specs, but I’m not sure if it’ll only work with the Vixen. Any suggestions welcome. Thanks
  8. The mount is now SOLD. Thanks everyone, for your interest.
  9. Selling my Skywatcher AZ-EQ6 GT Pro mount and tripod due to a switch to a more mobile setup. Purchased from FLO in January 2020, the mount is in absolutely excellent condition and runs very well. I typically get guiding between 0.5" to 0.8" when carrying my 4 inch refractor. It comes with all the original packaging and documentation, plus the following additional accessories: Skywatcher Wi-Fi module QHY Polemaster adapter Geoptik carry bags for the mount head and counterweights Oklop carry bag for the tripod £1300 for everything. Collection only.
  10. The stuff of dreams. A truly wonderful image
  11. Thanks, I’ll message him again during the week. I’m hoping it won’t be too long before the scope arrives. Sorry to be the one to beat you to it.
  12. Thanks Dave. Yes it is from Rupert. He’s been very helpful so far so I will be speaking to him.
  13. Hi All, I’m excited to have just put down a deposit on a new TEC 140FL scope. Just wondering if anyone has any recommendations for a motor focuser for it? Top contenders seem to be: 1. Pegasus Astro FocusCube 2. 2. Primaluce Lab Sesto Senso 2 3. Optec ThirdLynx QuickSync FTX40 To be honest I don’t know much about number 3, but it looks interesting. However number 1 looks favourite at the moment. Any suggestions welcome. Cheers
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