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  1. May I add my twopence worth to this thread. I've built a couple of light boxes for flats, here's the thread on the one I use on my refractor. To measure the evenness of illumination, I used a stills camera in a darkened room, not filling the frame with the lightbox, so as not to get affected by vignetting on the lens. Then stretch the contrast on the image in photoshop, a good visual way of doing it, but not as accurate as Oddsocks method above. Just my opinions, naturally there are more ways than one of skinning this feline. Huw
  2. Horwig


  3. Horwig


    It should, it's quoted at 88mm, I'm also using a reducer 645, so that should be good as well, here's the FOV, now that's what I call a widefield rig The third lottery ticket would be for something like this to handle the stacking, wonder how PI would run on it, HP Z8, dual 28 core, 384Gig Ram We can all dream big (can't we?)
  4. Horwig


    That is a bargain, prices from $16,000 I believe, I'll take two
  5. Horwig


    Finally found a price for the back only, it's $49,000 that's £37,800 Actually, Phase one will sell you a colour back, body and free lens of your choice for the same price Chroma do a 65mm square HaLRGB set for only $3495, seems like a bargain All I need now is somebody to make a cooler for the chip, a filter wheel for 65mm sq filters, oh and a couple of quid
  6. Horwig


    Yes that would have been my third question, so I'm going to need TWO lottery wins
  7. Horwig


    https://www.phaseone.com/en/Camera-Systems/XF-Camera-System/IQ3/XF-IQ3-100MP-Achromatic-Camera-System.aspx What's not to like, max exposure 60 minutes, no beyer matrix, no ir cut filter and 100 Megapixel to boot just a couple of questions, how could I mount it on an FSQ, and does anybody have the winning lottery numbers for next week?
  8. Horwig

    Astrokev's ROR - The Build

    Following the above discussion, I was reminded of the mug a friend drinks tea from at work (hope it at least raises a smile):
  9. Horwig

    Electrical layout for ROR observatory

    I'll add my twopence worth. My dome is built next to a stone outbuilding/shed, so no trad warmroom. The consumer unit for both is in the shed, and has an RCD, it's fed from the house via SWA, a fused spur from the shed then feeds the dome. The data cable from the dome to the house is SWA cat 5. I used to run on ethernet over mains, but the adaptors used to blow if they were switched off, became damp, then powered back up. In the dome I have two Maplins linear 12V supplies, one 'dirty' supply does mount, dome and dew heaters, basically everything that would cause spikes, the other 'clean' supply is for USB hubs and cameras. Both supplies are in a warm cupboard in the dome, where the pc etc lives (and acts as a background heater). The mount/scope then has 2 heavy gauge 12v and an USB cables going to it. A Startech industrial 12volt powered USB hub lives on the scope. Lighting is provided by a pair of LED 20watt floods, they work, but they are far too directional. Mains sockets in the dome are external types to comply with safety regs, for some reason my mate who has done his sparking exams was happy that everything was ligit, even if the equipment fed from the sockets could become soaked if it rained whilst the roof was open... I'm not saying it's in any way a perfect solution, but it works. Huw
  10. Horwig

    A medium format lens on a Canon full frame

    Pentax 67 lenses are the way to go for widefield astro and mono camera because if the long back focus and the sharp optics, especially since we only use the centers, I have a selection that I use with a full frame astro CCD: 50mm f4: 300 mm f4 Huw
  11. Horwig

    Sitech tracking drift

    Patchy cloud here tonight, so can't get any sensible results to measure properly, but it looks like I'm running slow by about 3 seconds of arc per minute, so to correct I need to REDUCE my Ticks count do I? Huw
  12. Horwig

    Sitech tracking drift

    Now that is interesting. I've played with the ticks setting but not yet found the sweet spot, I hoped that there was something I'd done wrong as opposed to having to tweek the mount, more work needed. Huw
  13. Horwig

    Sitech tracking drift

    Now I'm getting to fine tune this self built Sitech controlled mount of mine, I've noticed that it's not tracking at true siderial rate. Ticks per revolution in RA have been checked and double checked, but it's tracking slow by about 0.3%. I've started a conversation on the Sitech yahoo group, but has anybody here seen anything similar? Guiding corrects for it, but it would be nice to get it right in the first place **EDIT** Sorry, was going to post in MOUNTS, mods, if you think it would be better there, would you move it, thanks. Huw
  14. Horwig

    JamesF's observatory build

    Oh come on, why so negative, 20 inch Newtonian maybe, nothing like another challenge. After this obsy nothing will seem impossible Huw
  15. Horwig

    My new Rapidor Manchester Donkey Saw.

    Wow, used to have a similar saw when I did metalwork in school many many many years ago

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