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  1. Thanks for that Daz, hadn't seen that bit of the documentation. I had a play indoors tonight (clouded out today), and with a bit of fiddling got it to at least attempt the flip, but without a plate solver it fell over, but at least it attempted. Now lets see what happens when we get some more stars
  2. ??? I like my SharpCap thank you H
  3. Yes, interesting concept, but don't think it would be a viable way of guiding
  4. Exactly, and it's very easy and quick, OK so I've had to buy an extra camera, but the ZWO is quite a bit cheaper than the polemaster, and I already had the C mount to Nikon adaptor and a wide selection of old Nikon glass. It was worth it as my guiding is on an OAG, and I've got all my cabled loomed tightly, so I really don't want to remove the camera for doing PA. H
  5. Thanks Starlight, just the information I needed, mount now sorted I hope, feels a lot tighter, I did it indoors, hope it does not get even tighter in the cold outdoors. Huw
  6. Here's the PA rig in place:
  7. There's significant free play in my AZ EQ 6 RA axis, before I start playing, and probably get it wrong, are these the RA worm block adjustment screws marked in red?
  8. Well that didn't work, had to manually flip, even though the notification area on the bottom on the SPG main window was showing time to flip. More playing required. Huw
  9. Now that is interesting, I'm trying my first auto flip here tonight, 16 minutes to go and counting...
  10. I had been planning to go, but have pulled out. But I'd done my research, I was going to go to Madras Oregon, flying to Seattle. There is a lens rental place at Seattle, For the Australian eclipse of 2012 I used a Tamron 500 f8 mirror lens, slow, but ok with high ISO. This is the result with a Canon 5d3, as you can see, we were clouded out at totality! For a crop sensor I'd have said the lens was probably a bit on the long side. Huw
  11. I know how you feel, this is how my kit should look, but most of the time it looks remarkably like yours I've tried to separate the cables into three logical groups: 1, cameras: USB x 2 for main and guiding camera, and a 12v power. All connectors on the camera are right angle types, with the loom P-clipped to the camera body. 2, Scope: focuser, 9 pin D type, and 12v PWM, which is shared by the anti dew and Telrad 3, Mount: 12v power and eqmod. The looming sleeve and velcro ties help to keep it tidy the rest of the year as well Huw
  12. I too tried using a long focal length lens mounted on the telescope, finder fashion, but it was fiddly, having to point both the RA and DEC North-ish. I've ended up mounting my PA rig in the polarscope hole in the top of the RA casting of the AZ EQ 6. It means you don't have to bother with the DEC axis, just point the whole mount roughly North, and PA from there. The whole routine now takes only a few moments. Huw
  13. A big thumbs up for version 2.10. My pole align set up is an old nikkor 50mm f1.8 on a ZWO AS120MC. I updated to 2.10 yesterday, and last night I was getting virtually instant solves with half second subs, and it was not even fully dark. PA is no longer a chore and you don't get dirty knees. With this I'm getting one hour imaging subs with no rotation at all in the corners. Thanks again Robin Huw
  14. My AZ EQ 6 fell over today whilst I was fiddling with it, luckily, no scope mounted. Apart from pride and some paint, the only damage is a bent thumb screw that no longer tightens, any ideas it it's possible to get a replacement, or its going to be length of threaded rod and a wingnut. Huw
  15. Agree with you regarding weight, but as to colour, that place I found seems to supply all kinds of colours, and, importantly, they can supply the sheets with an anti condensation liner