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  1. I want to build something

    Another vote for XLR connectors and also the Startech USB hub. I have two of these superb hubs, and agree with Steve, it's money well spent. What's also nice about the hub is that it can be switched from taking its power from the bus or from an external 12v source. I'm using the standard size XLRs, don't think mini XLRs come in panel mount plugs, I think they are are sockets only on panels. Huw
  2. What did the postman bring

    Just arrived, it's not an eyepiece, but just as useful for an imager who likes the warm, a drum of Steel wire armoured Cat5, to replace the ethernet over mains that's just failed (for the second time) in the obsy Huw
  3. I seem to have more than my fair share, so if anybody has some use for it, they can have it. Huw
  4. Best Silicone for secondary

    Read a lot recently about double sided tape, but I'm going to go with the Dow Corning Glass adhesive 817. My local Travis Perkins seems to have it in stock. This time I'll use less spread and more thickness than what I used for the least fixing, let's see if that improves matters. Huw
  5. Best Silicone for secondary

    I had the same advice for using any tube adhesive from a tiler, clear is much stronger than white
  6. I'm having another go at fixing my secondary, I think I badly over-siliconed it first time around, very noticable astigmatism. Any thoughts on which Silicone adhesive to use, anybody used this one for instance? https://www.sealantsonline.co.uk/product.php?product=HAN2417&category=00020001&utm_source=google&utm_medium=products&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI_OnB0PnD1wIVYbftCh1zHw2nEAQYAyABEgJPLfD_BwE Huw
  7. strange star shapes

    Thanks dave, that makes sens, not sure if they are perfectly in line withe each other, will check. As to the astigmatism, tonight it was clear, so tried rotating the primary by 45 degrees, astigmatism did not rotate, which in itself is good news. Secondary looks over-siliconed, will try a less liberal application and re-test. Huw
  8. Cairns

    AAAh, remember it well, on the beach of Port Douglas, clear sky till just before totality, then wall to wall thin cloud. Still an awesome experience though. Sorry Patbloke, totally OT, enjoy Cairns, I had a go at both clouds from Chile last Month, very low there, best of luck from OZ H
  9. The Untidiest Cables competition

    Now you're talking!!!
  10. The Untidiest Cables competition

    Here's my collection of assorted/untidy bits of wire... Oh, you mean ASTRO cabling! I can't compete there, mine are all well behaved
  11. strange star shapes

    Thanks Vlaiv, a very full answer, I had started thinking about astigmatism when the star shapes either side of focus were at right angles. I re-glued the secondary some while ago, might have to have another look at it. The 10 o clock shadow might indeed be the draw tube, will investigate further. Yes, from the defocused image, it does indeed look as if there is an edge effect to the main mirror. Thanks, a lot of food for thought Huw
  12. strange star shapes

    I've gone back to try and do some more work on my big DIY Newtonian, which I'd abandoned for quite a while. I've finally got an adaptor turned on the lathe to get a Cheshire into the focuser instead of the OO Wynne Corrector, and I think from this image that it's fairly well collimated, but maybe not perfect: Not sure what's causing the shadow at 10 o clock, there's nothing obvious in the path, mirror clips are at 3, 7 and 11. when I approach focus, I get these strange double diffraction spikes from the spider: and smaller stars have a bright blob off at the top end. I can't achieve round stars at focus, and either side they are elongated at right angles: one side of focus other side of focus Any suggestions, it's driving me crazy. Huw
  13. ASCOM All Sky Camera Software

    Am running an Allskycam, a ZWO ASI120mc with Sharpcap, have joined the AllSkEye yahoo group, will install in the morning and report back Huw
  14. Astro Quiz

    My good wife gave me a birthday trip in October, Peru and Northern Chile. Visited Cusco, Machu Picchu, then San Pedro de Atacama, and Cerro Paranal, quite a trip, and all in three weeks. Paranal pictures here: Macchu Picchu pictures here: Huw
  15. Astro Quiz

    ALMA/ACME ??