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  1. Horwig

    Designing The Pier Head

    Sorry, I stand chastised! Actually, there is another way, it's the way the EQ8 does it with a 90 degree gearing arrangement
  2. Horwig

    Designing The Pier Head

    If we are talking about a permanent installation, (which I think is what the OP had in mind) isn't a bolt we can 'get at' all we need? At most a large 'penny' washer on that main bolt will keep alignment fairly stable whilst setting up. Huw
  3. Horwig

    Designing The Pier Head

    YES, you are correct. I have a tripod mounted AZ EQ6. To PA, I slacken off the centre screw just a smidge, set PA, and then tighten back up. For a permanent pier mount, you will hopefully only need to do it just the once, but you still need to tighten that bolt tight when you achieve good PA. Huw
  4. Horwig

    stepper motor controller suggestion

    I got a motor from Germany next working day, what's not to like?
  5. Horwig

    stepper motor controller suggestion

    Another vote for OMC (https://www.omc-stepperonline.com). have used them many times, really good firm to deal with. they hold stock in Europe as well, so long delivery times are not a problem. Huw
  6. This would explain why all restaurant tables have four legs, and why you always need a folded napkin under one leg on uneven floors
  7. Horwig


    That is how I run my imaging, but it's under Win 7 pro, not too sure how win 10 works, but this might give you some info: https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/help/4028379/windows-10-how-to-use-remote-desktop I think it looks like you need Win 10 Pro on the viewing end, but assume not for the remote end Huw
  8. Horwig

    Cable Management

    I cut the end square with scissors, and then melt the ends of the weave with a match, that holds a lot of them together, then fold the end back inside the tube, and tie with a cable tie. I have my cables grouped, mount in one loom, cameras and scope in another, looms fixed with the usual velcro ties so they don't shift during the night. Huw
  9. Horwig

    Home-made Crayford Focuser

    WOW, that is some real machining skill there Neil, looking forwards to seeing the whole scope. (note to self: remember to never show any more pictures of stuff I've machined) Huw
  10. Thanks for that comment Dave, as you say counter intuitive, but very true. Spent yesterday fettling and playing, and yes, reduced spring force made a great difference. Previously I'd let Sitech handle the backlash, but I've now let PHD handle it, here's last night's first run (edit, actually it's from the previous night): As you can see horrible periodoc error, so ran Sitech's Auto PEC routine for 9 worm revolutions: I was amazed at how the RA error just kept getting smaller on every revolution, really easy to apply. Let's hope that everything is now stable and repeatable. Huw
  11. Interesting looking at toothpaste tubes: Loads of words, but do they actually mean anything?
  12. Now that is interesting, I used Arm and Hammer Advanced White, bit it sure was not after three hours on the gear set, mucky grey would have been a better name for it.
  13. I have indeed, the obsy stinks of toothpaste, I used Arm and Hammer for a couple of hours on the DEC and three on the RA, then full clean before re assembly, it sure makes a mess. Huw
  14. Horwig

    Sitech and PHD, not pulseguiding

    I removed Sitech and its config folder and re installed, all good now, no idea what caused it, but all's well that end well Huw
  15. Horwig

    Waterjet Cutting Aluminium Plate

    I had most of the parts for my 16" Newt and fork mount cut by a local engineering company who at the time had a waterjet machine (they have recently replaced it with a laser). The guy running the show was happy to accept tiffs with annotated dimensions, and if I supplied the raw sheets, he would do the work for cash, and not stupid figures either. But they replaced it with a laser, so no use to you Hugh Huw

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