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  1. Hang on, for what it cost them to visit Paranal you could buy a Pulsar and have change for some kit!
  2. here's an old thread on the subject, there's pictures of the PA kit on my AZ EQ 6 in it. It's Sharpcap based like so many others. What can I say, except it works 100% If you need any more info PM me Huw
  3. Hi Olly, once an English teacher, always an English teacher. (hope I spellt it al corectlly ) Huw
  4. I saw them tonight for the first time as well, bloody Christmas lights in the sky, so many and so bright, luckily, I'm still after imaging M81 and 82, but trying to find a due South star to align to when everything is moving is like being a drunk student again. Anyone have an energy ray weapon handy? H
  5. Yes, you are reading it correctly, never seen anything like it, the only difference in the setup of the kit was the scope was mounted slightly front heavy, but that would not affect RA would it? Will have another go tomorrow night, tonight forecast cloudy. Huw
  6. This is the guidelog for last night's session. Mount is an AZ-EQ6 with an FSQ106 on top The beginning of the trace, and the section just after 23:45 is what I'd expect with this rig, the rest of the trace is something I've not experienced before, looks like the dither is causing an oscillation which is not dying down. This is a well sorted repeatable setup, which just works, the only change last night was the addition of an extension tube between the mount and tripod, (but why would that make any difference?) Went on to try tweeking PHD settings, even stopping and restarting tracking on the mount, nothing worked. Didn't restart PHD though., suppose I should have. Anybody seen anything similar, am I suffering mechanical or software gremlins? Huw
  7. I'll have to extend the thread up the centre bolt by about a cm, then it should be fine. Truth is I don't use the spreader Huw
  8. An update on this, extension arrived and fitted. I did price up making my own, but it was hardy worth the effort, the aluminium blanks came to not far short of the price of the genuine part. I can now image within a few degrees of the pole with no meridian flips. A result. As an aside, as discussed in my other post here, I've machined the tripod boss to give more stability to the assembly, it was getting a little bit top heavy. Huw
  9. Just an update on this in case anybody's going to try the same. I machined the tripod boss to allow the legs to open wider ( the red section in the original photo). Didn't remove a lot, probably about 3mm. This allowed an extra 10 cm spread of the legs, and lowered the whole thing by about 5 cm, a much more stable arrangement. Huw
  10. I've just ordered an EQ6 extension tube to help with camera/tripod collisions. I really don't need my scope 8 inches higher, and I'm worried about stability. My question is if anybody has tried lowering/spreading an EQ6 tripod by machining the top of the legs or the hub to spread the legs further, (ie the red or blue areas in this pic)? I'm probably over worrying the situation, but I'd rather be prepared. Ta Huw
  11. Thanks all, order placed for one from FLO
  12. Ta. White suits me just fine. Huw
  13. I'm thinking of getting one of these to cut down on the collisions between camera and tripod legs, anybody use one and have any feedback? Ta Huw
  14. Here's a version with more data, captured on the night of the 27th. The original attempt is here: https://stargazerslounge.com/topic/350422-m81-82-wip/?tab=comments#comment-3816515 Now with an extra 13 x 15 minute Luminance 7 x 10 minute each RGB Ha as before and now with new flats darks and bias Hopefully doesn't look to shabby. Huw
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