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  1. Horwig

    JamesF's observatory build

    Oh come on, why so negative, 20 inch Newtonian maybe, nothing like another challenge. After this obsy nothing will seem impossible Huw
  2. Horwig

    My new Rapidor Manchester Donkey Saw.

    Wow, used to have a similar saw when I did metalwork in school many many many years ago
  3. Oh, me to, used to use them some time ago, just been on their site, not at all bad, and free postage over £30+vat, not bad at all.
  4. Hi , anybody recommend a good (cheap) electronics supplier that sells a wide range of components? (eg, semiconductors passives and hardware). I'm fed up trawling the bay, and of waiting for stuff I order to arrive in many different envelopes on many different days. I know I can go to CPC and get it all, but that comes at a price.
  5. Horwig

    Cat's Eye Nebula with Billy Harris.

    Now that is a good demo of Drizzle, must give it a go Huw
  6. Horwig

    Cat's Eye Nebula with Billy Harris.

    WOW And I'm not usually lost for words. Huw
  7. Hope you don't my my playing, and to be honest I've taken this too far, but this is what's lurking in the data, working from a jpeg doesn't show it well, but there's real data in the dust and gas surrounding the central nebula.
  8. Nice one, version 2 is very much an improvement. I've been played with it in PS, increasing the saturation and using curves to push it a bit more, there's still a lot more in there. Huw
  9. Question; does it still count as first light if it comes more than seven years after I started building the telescope? This is the first colour image (that I'm fairly happy with) taken with my 40cm f3.5 Newtonian. I've been doing a lot of work on the scope and mount in the last year, and things are finally coming together, so this is really a test of the system. Technical details: 40cm f3.5 scope on Sitech controlled fork mount. QSI 6120WSG camera with Astrodon filters and lodestar guider. Subs: 10x5minutes L, 5x5 minutes each RGB, processed in PI and PS. Technical excuses: for pixel peepers, if you look at the stars, they are not round, guiding was not good in RA, RMS was 0.94" but peak to peak was 4.1", and imaging at 0.4" per pixel it shows. Also this scope is FAST, 5 minute subs are probably a bit on the long side, star cores are quite bloated. Huw
  10. Horwig


    Yes, the occasional mouse in the obsy here as well, but so far just mouse droppings, no chewed cables, I have a wooden box that holds the pc etc, in winter it's on 24/7, they love the warmth, so that's where the trap lives, and it's checked daily. A bit OT, but we have an infestation of grey squirrels, attracted by the bird feeders. Our dog loves the challenge, her tally stands at 2.5 kills so far (I had to finish the last one off) not bad for a thirteen year old (the dog not me)
  11. Horwig

    Designing The Pier Head

    Sorry, I stand chastised! Actually, there is another way, it's the way the EQ8 does it with a 90 degree gearing arrangement
  12. Horwig

    Designing The Pier Head

    If we are talking about a permanent installation, (which I think is what the OP had in mind) isn't a bolt we can 'get at' all we need? At most a large 'penny' washer on that main bolt will keep alignment fairly stable whilst setting up. Huw
  13. Horwig

    Designing The Pier Head

    YES, you are correct. I have a tripod mounted AZ EQ6. To PA, I slacken off the centre screw just a smidge, set PA, and then tighten back up. For a permanent pier mount, you will hopefully only need to do it just the once, but you still need to tighten that bolt tight when you achieve good PA. Huw
  14. Horwig

    stepper motor controller suggestion

    I got a motor from Germany next working day, what's not to like?
  15. Horwig

    stepper motor controller suggestion

    Another vote for OMC (https://www.omc-stepperonline.com). have used them many times, really good firm to deal with. they hold stock in Europe as well, so long delivery times are not a problem. Huw

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