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  1. Looks like the mount is coming along well. I built a fork mount some years ago, mine also had hinges at the base of the polar wedge. They proved not to be up to the task, there was play that resulted in pointing inaccuracy when the OTA was swung. I've now put triangular side plates to fix the wedge after polar aligning, problem went away. Huw
  2. Thanks Alan, I found that section on hnsky's website and tried it, yes it does work, and work very well indeed. Thanks Huw
  3. I'm still using V2 (2.7.0) of SGPro, is ASTAP compatible with it, or only V3 and 4?
  4. Sorry, managed to double post instead of editing, if the mods could please remove if they see this. Sorry Huw
  5. OK, so this strictly is OT, but is probably of interest to anybody looking at the ATIK version of the ZWO camera as well. I've posted this in imaging. There's loads wrong with it, but none of the negatives are to do with the camera. This is a 30% rendition, faults, the scope needs collimation, the camera was not screwed tightly onto the filter wheel, and moved over the imaging run (OK, I know, I know). Also because of this, flats don't match anything, and this was processed without. Looking at the positives, this is 70 minutes of Luminance in 5 min subs, RGB were 20 minute
  6. Here it is with all its faults, Imaged at 1450mm at f3.6, but scaled to 30% to hide the worst: First, the good stuff, it's only 70 minutes in L, RBG were 20 minutes each, all unbinned. The camera only arrived a few days ago, and I was hoping to give it its first outing on my FSQ, but the Tak 72 to 98 adaptor won't arrive for months. So it's been hung off my 40cm Newt, which is still very much work ongoing. I had to throw away 30 percent of the L subs because of movement during the exposures, took ages to find the culprit:- the camera was not screwed tightly to my SX f
  7. That button is indeed the button, I must have been particularly blind last night! Huw
  8. I've just moved over to a ZWO6200, and am on the steep part of the learning curve! In SGP, if I grab an image, it's fitted to the viewer, in my case the obsy PC monitor is 1920 x 1200, and on the 61M image of the 6200, that equates to about 12%. However, if I zoom in to pixel peep, and then zoom back out, 25% is the widest it gets. How do I get back to view the whole image? I'm on SGP 2.7, are the latest releases any different? Huw
  9. I am one CCD owner who has just passed his full frame CCD to a new owner and is expecting his ZWO 6200 to arrive tomorrow. Some years ago I imaged M31 with Olly at Les Granges, using my FSQ106, it took a few nights. Lumianance in a six panel mosaic using my QSI6120 at 382mm, and the RGB in a single frame using my SX35 full frame at 530mm. I've just looked back at the resulting image, it's 3.52 x 2.24 degrees that's 7565 x 4819 pixels at 1.68 "/pixel, and a lot of hard work to capture and process a smooth 6 panel mosaic, with a matching widefield image. The 6200 on the Tak
  10. I enquired about the Atik at FLO, and was told it was going to be quite a wait, so went and ordered a ZWO ASI6200 to sit on my FSQ, can't wait for it to arrive, have already gone out and bought a new obsy PC, complete with USB3 and a large hard drive (good old ebay). Huw
  11. I can highly recommend Alan Marlow. Used his services a couple of times, last time with autofocus on a Canon 24-105. A true gent, and what he doesn't know about lenses isn't worth knowing. http://www.cam-rep.co.uk/ Huw
  12. It was so satisfying removing said tree from my Stallarium landscape
  13. The tree was growing on rock, and not in the best of health. It dawned on him the geometry of the situation, our weather is from the west, so if there was a storm with the tree in leaf, it might uproot and reach the obsy, he reckoned it was cheaper to take the tree down than pay for a new obsy (and contents). I didn't drop any hints, well not direct ones anyway Huw
  14. To my west, in next door's garden is a huge tree that I've been cursing forever It really limits my imaging to the west, which is by far my cleanest sky. Today was a big day: GOING: GOING: GONE: Now all I need is a clear night Huw
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