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  1. Shim washers

    Just pressed the buy button on some 0.1 shim washers, life's too short, will report back if they were a good investment. Huw
  2. Shim washers

    Thanks Nigel, not sure, depends on their compression rate I suppose.
  3. Shim washers

    Actually, I have some 0.1mm stainless steel strip I've bought for this project
  4. Shim washers

    Yes, good idea, thanks, will give it a try
  5. Shim washers

    Still working on my Clement based new focuser. I'm working now on the drive system, which involves M6 lead screws. They are fitted with a thrust bearing either side of the baseplate. Rotation is not that smooth when the assembly is tightened to remove play, probably down to imperfections in the surface of the ali block I'm using. The situation is improved when washers are placed either side of the thrust bearing washers, but my M6 washers are quite thick, about 0.9mm ish, which increases the thickness of the bearing pack more than I would like. What are people's thoughts on shim washers, I've seen some 0.1mm and 0.5 mm. Huw
  6. PHD Calibration Data Question

    I've only just found out about it, but constant cloud has stopped me trying it out. Starting an imaging run by capturing RGB data would seem to be the way to go, leaving the capture of Luminance till later in the session when the model is fully built
  7. PHD Calibration Data Question

    here's the detail https://openphdguiding.org/man-dev/Guide_algorithms.htm
  8. PHD Calibration Data Question

    That is a good question, will do some more reading. Another question then, what are your opinions of the PEC guiding algorithm in PHD2, one piece of software guiding and sorting out PEC does seem good
  9. PHD Calibration Data Question

    A question Vlaiv, since our recent exchange about phd guiding and Az-EQ6, I've been going to sort the PEC on my own mount, but was going to use the mount handset to do it as the mount has PPEC, and from reading forums, this appears to be stored in the mount, not the handset, so would PPEC here work better than PEC through EQmod? Huw
  10. MORE 3 inch eye pieces!!!

    I shall start putting body pieces aside for eventual purchase
  11. AZ-EQ6 and Eqmod

    Thanks Chris, that's settled then. Huw
  12. AZ-EQ6 and Eqmod

    Thanks Daz, thought I'd ask, just in case I was being more stupid than usual and missing something very basic
  13. AZ-EQ6 and Eqmod

    Just a thought, I've been leaving my Eqmod in auto detect mount, is this how other people use their AZ-EQ6, or should I use custom mount and input the real figures?
  14. First attempt at the Crab

    Thanks for your kind words. Having been to Australia three times, and looked up in awe at your array of wonders, I think on balance I'm the more jealous of us Huw
  15. This was the first outing since last May for my FSQ. Not the ideal focal length to image M1, but my 40cm Newtonian is still not in service, so not to waste a clear few nights, here's a stab at it. Imaged 6th and 8th of Jan, did attempt on the 7th, but seeing was particularly bad. FSQ106 with QSI6120, Astrodon filters, on AZ-EQ6 8 x 10 minute each RGB, 20 x 10 minute L, 4 x 30 minute Ha, all un binned Huw