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Big Jim Slade

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  1. Big Jim Slade

    Takahashi scopes???

    This is a great point. I recently went for the Esprit over the Tak, precisely because I felt that I didn't yet have enough experience with acquisition and processing to exploit any extra quality the Tak might have.
  2. Not sure if this helps, but here's a stack from mine at the (almost) default 63mm distance. I've added a .3mm shim to account for the filter, but that's it. Esprit 100D -> Flattener -> Flattener to M48 -> 0.3mm shim -> Moravian 55mm back focus M48 nosepiece -> FW with Astronomik Ha (1mm) -> Moravian G3 16200 This is just over 5 hours of Ha - 32 x 600. I've done a teensy bit of NR, a few gentle stretches plus some local contrast enhancement. Stars untouched - but they are a little elongated in RA, my guiding RMS needs some work. Can also post the CCD Inspector maps if that's of interest to people.
  3. Big Jim Slade

    Astronomy Now wrong again

    You're not wrong there. My grasp of this is basic at best, but I can spot an Appeal to Authority when I see one. Its all handy-wavey "General-Relativity-Wasn't-Einstein-Clever-Oh-Look-Over-There!-A-Badger!"
  4. Big Jim Slade

    Large moon mosaic. 100 megapixel

    Wow, that is insane. Well done!
  5. Yes, hanging the focuser off the primary was always a massive design flaw with the GSO RCs. Worth noting that the current generation of truss GSOs have changed this. In the original form you can't hang anything substantial off it without the collimation slipping with every slew. The 6" compounds the problem by having the collimation screws right against the focuser mounting ring, so you can't adjust them if you fit a tilt adjuster. It also makes it impossible to swap screws for some decent sized knobs. I'm thinking about getting a ZWO OSC for mine, to go after smaller targets. It seems well suited for that.
  6. Big Jim Slade

    IAS 2018

    I suspect that will be a greater danger to my wallet.
  7. Big Jim Slade

    IAS 2018

    I shall be there on the Saturday. Have a ticket for the Astrophotography talk. I'm also planning to prowl the floor to see if there are any "serious" mounts on show - I'm thinking of upgrading and I'd like to get a sense of what I'm letting myself in for.
  8. Big Jim Slade

    Tilt on a G3, should I worry?

    I tired my G3 on my WO ZS72 whilst I was waiting for my Esprit to arrive and got similar results. As vliav says, weight is the thing here, everything needs bolting together very tightly, compression rings won't cut it.
  9. If you are using the m48 adapter on the back of the flattener, then it's 55m. Without, it's 63mm.
  10. Ah, two months earlier and you would have had even more of my money. Interested to see how you get on. The 16200 is biiiiig, and I've had a hard time pinning down image circles for the "budget" RCs. CFF/OS will cover it, but they cost ££££.
  11. Big Jim Slade

    APT or SGP?

    I used APT ages ago (best thing available for a DSLR at the time if IIRC) but I moved to SGP when I got a CCD. A couple of things I like not yet mentioned: Focusing is really tweakable, for things like filters and temp compensation Platesolving is deeply integrated, so to get going I can just slew to the rough area, solve and sync a couple of times and I'm good to go. Also works well after a flip in my experience. Grab an image, then right-click on any point, choose "centre here" and it will solve, re-centre the scope and solve again to ensure it's bang on. Magic. Works perfectly (zero config) with my Flip-Flat, which is the most useful bit of kit I think I've ever purchased.
  12. Big Jim Slade

    Giving up on EQMOD

    Think of RA like the longitude lines on a globe, but drawn on the celestial sphere. So as the sky rotates, RA moves with it.
  13. Big Jim Slade

    What did the postman bring?

    Clouds descended the moment it arrived of course! I'm hoping to get first light at the weekend. I will probably put a thread together to show how it copes with my Moravian 16200 - I was looking at the FSQ, but it looks like this can cover the chip well enough and has had some great reviews from people.
  14. Big Jim Slade

    What did the postman bring?

    Big box for this one. Very excited....
  15. Big Jim Slade

    FSQ106 #8 adaptor length

    Ha yes! I am right now looking at a bill for 34 quid for duty and "clearance fees" for something from PP. Didn't know Bern had a man in a shed, thanks for the tip!

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