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  1. Thats good to know that they can handle the weight. Nice! My Celestron 4SE Mount failed on me the other day so i want something smaller with a motor. I havent had the time over the last 6-7 years and technology has moved on loads since. So im replacing the mount for the Manfrotto and using the newer tech for tracking. Should be a nice little setup for me.
  2. Yes! Nice one. Thank you very much. I see those but didnt take any notice of the screw hole! JUst need to make a decision on the SkyGuider now, cheers
  3. Hey bud, i need a femaile vixen which sits on that screw. Like a female screw toa female vixen type thing. Cant find them anywhere
  4. Good Evening Folks, Hope everyone is well in these times. Im about to hit the buy button for a iOptron SkyGuider Pro but im having to find a converter mount for the vixen type on the SkyGuider. What i mean by this is i want to connect it to my Manfrotto tripod which has the camera screw as standard but i want to convert that to the vixen so i can mount the iOptron. Saves me getting another tripod. Hope you guys can help me out as a google search seems to bring out vixen to dslr mount. Cheers all
  5. Ahh i see now thanks buddy. Ill give it another shot tonight weather permitting. Thanks everyone
  6. The starsense sounds pretty cool. Im in the UK. On the daylight saving bit, which one do i choose as were sortof inbetween winter summer? Or doesnt it matter at this point.
  7. When you say positioned it north, are you pointing the scope at north direction with the scope on Index? Silly question probably [emoji1]
  8. Sorry for the long quotes cant quite get tapatalk to edit bits of the comment.Ive put in US, date and time not sure what daylight saving (and the other other one is from the top of my head) is for. Is it for summer/winter times? Tried the Lat and Long not sure if i was doing that right either. The mount was level and tight but not extended. Is there another method to level? The mount also seemed sturdy. What is Starsense? Is it something you connect via laptop? Easier to align?
  9. I did recently follow a Youtube video doing a auto two star align which worked well a few weeks back. I was able to track orion nebulae with the camera attached and take some decent exposures up to 20 secs. Upon that i think i may of changed some setting in regards to post 1. Its a shame that when you change from sidereal to solar viewing the setting dont automatically change for you. As a beginner this can be alot to take in.
  10. What i tend to do is use Google Sky, find a star in the sky with it then find it on thw Goto. But usually its not on there. Think its going to be clear again tonight ill try writing down two stars that are on there and use them for the time being. Also i didnt have the legs fully extended, i wouldnt have thought it mattered but ill extend them next time. Fully charged my power supply, maybe i need a new one its fairly old(ish), i got it with the scope. Ill try mains fed aswell
  11. Alignment failed with the star above regulus. I understand i should align two stars either side on the sky but i just want to try getting it working for now. Trying auto two star align now and Regulus isnt comming up in the selection. What a pain in the jeebies...
  12. Alignment stars are odd with the goto... half of them arent even in the goto, even Polaris (unless its called something else?) Currently trying again with two star align one is Regulus 9oclock of jupiter and something else... this is the other thing with goto half of the stars in my sky (england) arent even on the goto's list. It wouldnt show venus in the sky as a option earlier... weird. Im currently using a 3xbarlow and 25mm ep.
  13. My o my am i having a frustrating time trying to get my 4SE to sit still on Jupiter... Ive setup the scope level (with the type button level) on the mount and also on the scope itself with no luck atall. Ive also tried different settings for 'Tracking Rate' Solar, Sidereal(?) and Lunar. Also have settings for 'Tracking Mode', EQ-North, EQ-South, Alt-Az and Off. Im pretty sure ive tried every combination [emoji22] At the moment its on Jupiter with Solar and EQ-North. Up to my wites end on what to do. Ive even contemplating selling it [emoji30] What do i do? Thanks
  14. Thank for that, i have some spare cash i could throw at it and could sell my Tamron and get both those lenses you recommended
  15. Thanks for all of the replies!! I still don't fully understand the pixel/arc seconds thing, it' just not going in for some reason, is there a book for dummies? heh! I also couldn't understand if you all thought i was taking shots through the scope (4SE) i have? I'm just using the 1100D with the Tamron Lens Thanks ronin for the info mate i just need to re-read it a few times Thanks mate, I've currently got the 1100D and Tamron 18-270 which im using at the moment... I use it for normal photography and AP. But im looking at the 700D as it has 1080p Video, flip screen, bigger screen, better sp
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