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  1. I have an AVX mount and my first star shot is always a fair distance out... I always have to do 3 calibration stars before I get successful alignment. I use a 32mm EP to capture the star at first, then fine tune to centre the alignment targets on a crosshair reticule (red light) A great buy by the way!!! Don't throw your kit in the sea I felt the same the other night, when nothing went right out there in the dark... but the next night it all went lovely and I remembered why this hobby is so great
  2. I have an Equinox Pro 120 it's an absolute beauty! you are giving it away at that price... Good luck - Perhaps I should buy it and make the worlds best pair of binoculars?
  3. What a great DIY modification great work
  4. Oh it appears that I am very lucky in that I do have a pair of Helios Apollos. It's not a gloat (it is) but a few thoughts - I've only ever used the filter threads a couple of times and it's not been something that I found mind blowing at the time so for me it's a 'nice to have' not essential in bins. Also as you are used to a 10 x 50 view, would it not be a good idea to get an available pair of 15 x 70's like a Celestron or Revelation for now so you can see if you like using them? For about £70 you can experience the wonders and then keep a look out on the pre used market. I found the so cal
  5. I bought a really substantial tripod with a pistol grip head when I got my Apollos and I found it really uncomfortable to use with bins... handheld or monopod supported works for me. Check out BinocularSky website - Stephen Tonkin! loads of tips and reviews
  6. This site is great for opinions and advice... There are ways to use binoculars that don't put stress on your arms. Nothing better than putting the blanket out laying back it gazing the universe, sitting in the garden chair leaning back and taking it all in. Don't be scared of the 15 x 70's the standard pairs aren't that heavy and the views are great Sometimes you just have to make the choice... if you keep the equipment in condition you can always sell and upgrade if you feel you need more
  7. I love binocular viewing... Bins are always great to take travelling, easy set up and use to scan the skies My thoughts - 10 x 50 is a good portable size but 15 x 70 is what I found give the most pleasurable views. Nikon make great cameras and being brand loyal is good, so hopefully the bins would be great if you go that route. I've checked the price and for half that you could get a nice pair of Celestron 15 x 70s which will give more magnification and a wide field of view. As to whether they are available to buy at the moment, I'm not sure. I bought a second hand pair of Helios A
  8. Hi I also use the joystick trigger ball head... but most of the time I use a monopod, sit back in the chair and rest the monopod on the floor by my feet... It's amazing the stabilising effect it has on my Apollos which are very heavy. I actually prefer the experience far better than using the tripod. Great for travel as well, (not that we can at the moment)
  9. Just a thought - why not contact Moonlite? I spoke to Ron at moonlite@focuser.com a while ago when I had some questions about a moonlite and he was super helpful
  10. Did you have the solar scope? I hadn't got out of my car and I was invited over to look through? Yes, it's a different Mrs nowadays... I'm looking forward to many more nights outside, and who knows one day maybe even another Star Party
  11. Thanks for that advice... I’m not going to need much encouragement to leave the grass to be fair Its like a carpet right now
  12. Dedicated to Nick (cotterless45) who has recently assisted me in getting back behind the eyepiece! Starting with a Skywatcher 114p I very quickly got the bug sometime way back when... Amazed at what I could see from as many dark sites as I could visit I was hooked. I very quickly moved on to buying great second hand equipment (almost every week) from this forum, eBay and AstroB&S I was even lucky enough to be persuaded with a mate to start a stargazing social club at work and use some of the club funds to buy a 200 Dob and a 200 motorised on an EQ5 and EP's. Unbelievable h
  13. Inspirational as always Nick... That's the first time I can say for definite that I've seen the Mars polar ice cap! I loved dropping the Equinox onto the CG5 and going 'Old Skool' just moving the slow motion adjusters, hunting for targets (without a Telrad of course) As usual the banter was first class.... The fact I don't usually bother with a finderscope on my own AVX set up was a great source of amusement for you Your comparisons that followed (for what seemed like an eternity) were great... Oh Pats doing the tour de France this week - without a bike! Oh Pats going wat
  14. Every visit he kindly offers me temporary storage space for it in his shed....
  15. Twas indeed one of those great nights! Amazed how you remember the targets to write up the reports at 5 in the morning... It was definitely a night for Clusters... The EQ6Pro is a cracking addition to your armoury Nick! For everyone - Two things to remember when you plan observing sessions: One - that no matter how much you've spent on Gucci equipment you are totally at the mercy of the seeing Gods! Yes great equipment will maximise your opportunity to see wonderful objects when the seeing is good, but even the highest grade glass can't break through cloud or bad seeing (and we had
  16. Nice one... I'll check that out ASAP Thanks
  17. I thought the title to the post was going to be 'Astronomy on Ice?' An idea for a new rival show to the The Sky at Night! a professional (amatuer) astronomer and a minor celebrity view the wonders of the universe whilst skating on a sheet of fake ice? (not that I'm calling myself a minor celebrity or indeed you an Amatuer Nick!) It was a great idea to have the two setups running side by side comparing the views (I got lucky in the ice free protected location) The views from the Cannon can be quite delightful and easy on the eye when splitting those tight doubles. Of course the Equinox is
  18. Wait......................... The Vixen 10mm is this little Plossl... It's got some special name but it's not what you would expect!!!
  19. I think Sigma Orionis was definitely a Wow moment Stu... I've seen it before countless times... but the clarity and brightness caught me out and I found it hard to stop viewing it almost worth another EP case plaque!!
  20. This is a brilliant... All the points are 'bang on' but I particularly love the point about not feeling guilty about NOT observing on a clear night... There's been many a time that I've actually selfishly felt relief that the clouds have rolled in! especially if I have other commitments on the night. One further point I would like to add to this great post is - that sometimes a session can not go as well as expected! My advice is get over that feeling of 'I'm packing it in and I'm going to sell everything!! as quick as you can! Just put it down to experience and remember for sure you can
  21. I've just woken up after landing back home at 06:30... Great night as always Nick! I'm always amazed at what we see from your place and even more amazed that you remember to write it all up in a report after... I'm trying to think what were my highlights from the whole evening - As usual the amount of shared humour is something that should be an essential part of any Astro evening ? The early evening mortar bomb from the neighbour, your little local 'vampire' bat circling at dusk! (it's no fruit bat for sure) The visit from an old mate with his homemade 1950's scope.... great to see him a
  22. I just bought a Neewer camera 90 degree angle finder and a clever amazingly precise attachment of an auction site from a fellow in France... It's a perfect fit!!! I'm delighted and looking forward for clear skies to try it in the field total cost £40 ish... it'll be money well spent according to my glass knee ? Eek forgot to say thanks to Nicko for finding the attachment on the well known auction site...
  23. I have a Celestron AVX and thought that wasn't too bad noise wise... Until I recently heard my mates belt modified HEQ5 / 6 mount.... Super quiet!! very impressed, that belt mod is superb...
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