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  1. Just managed to capture moon earlier before clouds came and started to rain.
  2. https://earthlymission.com/17-year-old-discovers-toi1338b-new-planet-3-days-into-nasa-internship/
  3. Hi everyone, So I've not bought a telescope for a very very long time. I have the etc 90 go to series which isn't very good on focusing. I also have the 10" dobsonian which is at mum's and too big to put on car and needs collimating which I have no idea how to do or where to go with it. So I have been looking at telescope, the Celestron nexstar 8se series but no way I can afford this. So a telescope that is around £1000, less if possible and at least 8" - 10". I don't like weight wants as I can't get to grips with them. Any help appreciated, thank you
  4. Hi everyone, So I got this book for my birthday, missions to the moon. The complete story of the missions contains rare and newly researched removable facsimile documents from the archives of space exploration. See attached and enjoy!
  5. Oooooooh it's arrived. Will unwrap after work
  6. I have ordered 1 "First Horizon 8115 2 Way Heavy Duty Tripod" Hopefully arrive this week. Prepare for cloudy skies now
  7. Hi everyone,So at the moment I'm using my camera tripod for my binoculars whish isn't very sturdy.Can anyone recommend a good tripod for the celestron skymaster 25 x 100 binoculars please?Thanks all
  8. Tonight's ISS pass, not quite a straight line as was on grass will do it remote with phone for next pass
  9. This evening's beautiful moon taken through Celestron Skymaster 25 x 100 binoculars.
  10. Hi Andy! I used to go Barnsley for my pork chops. They are the best!
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