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  1. you are right, im quite satisfied with 8x42
  2. I have just bought my first (ever!) pair of binoculars and started exploring the night sky. Wanted to hear what you guys consider a must see (if the sky ever clears )
  3. wow thats very impressive! if thats the case then im sure the 8x42 vortex diamondbacks i ordered will will work just fine I wanted a very compact and versatile tool, no reclainers, no tripods/monopods, no lying on the ground. Just whip them out wherever you are, point up and start looking. Very excited to try them out
  4. Thanks for the advice, nikon aculon 8x42 are actually inexpensive and have good reviews. Maybe i should consider them
  5. Thanks for the reply! I also thaught about celestron 15x70 and they are actually available, but ive never used a normal sized binoculars and these are huge! Ill need to have a tripod with me at all times. I just want so,ething i can grab and go. Then again seenig things even closer is also appealing. Why is there never a perfect solution?
  6. Hi all I want to buy my first pair of binoculars to help me start exploring the night sky. I would use it mostly in the city but with an option of sometimes getting in ok dark areas. I have read so much material, including this forum that my head started to spin. On top of choosing the right binoculars, there is a problem of almost all good models being out of stock at this moment. So i finally found a Nikon model i can buy and want to ask you guys if anyone have used them for astronomy and if they are a good choice. All my photo equipment is Nikon so i kinda wanna stick with this brand.
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