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  1. The same goes for the South West!
  2. Welcome to SGL. What part of France are you?
  3. Hi Adam, I thought you wernt a million miles away . Nice picture. I'm also just learning. All my gear is in France (clear skies, well most of the time). Keep toying with the idea of getting another scope for here. regards. Steve.
  4. Welcome to SGL from Northfleet.
  5. Hi Sungrazer, I asked my Insurance company to list my Telescope seperate (value £1000). When i received my amended policy all they had done was put the value of the contents up (and the cost of the insurance), and no metion of the scope.
  6. A warm welcome from West Kent.
  7. Hi Sarah, and welcome back from another Kent resident. Steve.
  8. steviebee


    Hi Manuel, welcome to the Forum. I have a similar set up to you and live part time in the Lot (department 46). wishing you clear skies. Steve.
  9. Hi RCG. Yes I only have 'refractive errors'. I believe it must be as the OP's say that I am over powering my scope. Steve.
  10. Hi Lowjiber, many thanks for your reply. That ep sounds ideal, I will put that on my shopping list. Regards. Steve.
  11. Hi Charic, thank you for that. I bought a laser Collimator from him last month and was pleased with the service. I will definitely go down this route I think. Although I will have to wait till October because that is the next time I will be with my scope. I must try and convince she who holds the purse strings that owning a small refractor here in the UK would be a good idea. Thank you again. Steve.
  12. Hi Ghostdance, must admit on all 3 nights it was very bright (Moon). cant wait till October, only a few lights in our village so will be nice and dark. I have had 'steviebee' since 1998, Steve is my first name and the 'B' is the first letter of my surname. I come from South East London originally.
  13. Hi John, thank you. I was wondering if that was the case. Just have to be patient now and wait till October and try it without the Barlow. Steve.
  14. Thank you for your Quick replies. To answer you question first John. I just could not see anything out of the 6.3mm, not even any brightness. I tried with and without my glasses. Sorry forgot to say I also used a 2x Barlow with all lens's and kept it on at all times. I am thinking now could it have been too much Magnification with the 6.3mm? Ronin, I am seriously thinking of getting a set of wider field of view one's, but just want to make sure it is not something I am doing/not doing that is causing the problem first. As I said earlier I am very new to this hobby, and I know you guys and girls will point me in the right direction to ensure I enjoy it. I don't want to spend lots of money if I don't have too (already in the dog house over getting my Cannon Camera for it). My problem now is I will have to wait until October before I can use the scope again as I have left it at our home over there. I am sure it is a case of just getting use to it. Thanks again for your help. Steve.
  15. I have just returned from an 18 day break in south West France. To say I was disappointed is a bit of an understatement. Out of all that time I could only get out for 3 nights( rain and overcast ). Even so I enjoyed what I could view. Managed to see Saturn's Cassini Divide and 2 possibly 3 of her Moons. Some excellent views of our Moon ( haven't got a clue what I was looking at, must get a good book) I have 3 eyepieces, a SW 25mm and 10mm, both came as standard with my scope (SW 200p). I also purchased a SW 6.3mm SP series super Plossl( all eyepieces 1.25"). My problem is I managed well with the 25mm and the 10mm was ok, but could not see anything with the 6.3mm. I wear glasses for distance( I tried viewing with and without glasses, same result). I was wondering if I used 2" eyepieces for the scope it would help with what I can see, or should I just use wide field of view eyepieces. Please bare in mind that I am very new to this Astro stuff, so go easy on me with your replies . Steve.
  16. Finally managed to download the Canon software to my laptop, also Stellarium. It had running very very slow. Reason! I had about 20 versions of anti virus stuff on it. all sorted now and thank you for your help and suggestions with the software. Steve.
  17. Thank you for your replies, much appreciated . I have managed to download the software to my PC (Windows 7 '64'). I am just going to try on my Laptop (Windows XP). Regards. Steve.
  18. Thanks for that, I will look at their website. Steve.
  19. Hi. I have just bought a second hand Canon1000d. It came with battery and charger and nothing else. I would like to get the software CD so that I can put tit on my laptop to view what my camera sees. Can anybody point me in the right direction as to where I can get one, even a copy would do (if thats allowed). I have tried eBay, but they dont seem to have one for the 1000d. regards. Steve
  20. steviebee


    Hi, oldnut. Welcome to SGL
  21. Hi Andy, many thanks for that. I have just ordered a 6.3mm skywatcher lens. Hopefully that will be here for Monday. I could not get out last night as too much cloud, but also my wife and I were at a friends house for dinner. My friend gave me a brand new Aluminium case for my camera and lenses (result), I had only been discusing getting one with my wife that morning. Hopefully tonight will be better for viewing. I suppose it will be a bit of trial and error to start with, but with the fantastic help on here it wont belong before I will crack the basics. I'm off to France in 3 weeks so hopefully will be able to get some good shots in with my camera. Thanks again for your reply and help. Steve.
  22. Thank you romx, my smallest one is a 10mm. I could not see anything using this. I just expect it is just getting used to the bits n pieces. I will have another try tonight with the 10mm, should I use my 2x barlow as well with the 10mm? Regards. Steve.
  23. Having had my first view of Saturn I am now lusting for more (is this normal?). I was using a 2x barlow with a super 25 wide angle long eye relief lens on my SW Explorer 200p (they are the ones that came with it). Saturn was crisp and the rings although clear looked like just one. I have read on here that it is possible to see the moons with a SW 150p. Am I asking to much from my scope? If not can some kind person point me in the right direction as to alternative lenses I could use. Would a 3x barlow help? Be gentle with me as I am a complete novice who is well and trully hooked. I know light pollution is a problem at the moment as I am observing from my garden in North Kent. Lots of lights. But in 3 weeks I will be home in South West france where my nearest street lamp (100w bulb) is about 150 metres away. Steve.
  24. Well I used my new scope for the first time tonight ( Skywatcher 200p, EQ5), had a job to start with as my spotter scope was not aligned properly (well I am a beginer). Sorted that and then had a really good view of the moon, I tried Mars but was a bit disapointed. I think I have too much light pollution here in North Kent. Then I saw it and it was just fantastic. Saturn. I had been building myself up to see this and she did not diasapoint. I cant wait till I get my camera (tomorrow) and hopefully start to take a few pics. Steve.
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