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  1. I have an almost new EQ3-2 mount and tripod and a new SW 130PDS. I intend to try a bit of AP with my Canon 1000d. I am looking at duel axis drive motors and was wondering if any body has the enhanced duel axis motors fitted to the EQ3-2? Are they ok, or would I be better off waiting to get the syn scan pro upgrade kit? TIA.
  2. Thank you for the link, great stuff. I like the idea of 'handsoff'.
  3. Thank you Wim, that's great. Silly question now is it still possible to use the fine focus manually with the Autofocuser on?
  4. I have just joined the 130PDS club. it came with a complete set of clouds in the box so it has not been out yet. Has anyone a picture of the the focuser fitted with the SkyWatcher Auto Focuser?
  5. Just want to say about the great service I have just had from FLO. I contacted them just over a week ago and Martin got straight back to me. I was after 2 locking bolts for my EQ3 balance weights. He went out of his way to see if they were available, which they were. He kept me informed with several emails and they have just arrived. The total cost was only £5 inc p+p. Great service. I can not recommend them highly enough. Steve.
  6. Hi, and welcome from Gravesend.
  7. Welcome to the forum. What part of France? Nearest town will do!
  8. I get this with my SW ST102. I took the lenses out to clean them big mistake. I think mine need's culminating now. For deep sky stuff like Orion's Nebula and the Pleiades it is very good though.
  9. Welcome to SGL Martin, you have come to the right place for friendly help and advice.
  10. Just been out and tested it. I can actually see 4 moons of Jupiter, something I have never seen before with the ST102mm. OK Jupiter has a bit of a tail/flaring that moves around as I position my eye on the EP, but a heck of a lot better. Again many thanks to you all for your help. Steve.
  11. Bruce Leeroy, thank you. I have just loosened the screws from under the focusing wheel and it has now gone in all the way. Sod's law it is overcast now so I will not be able to test it. It certainly looks as-though it has given an extra 10mm of inward travel. This is what I love about this forum full of people only too willing to offer help and advice. Thanks again to you all Steve.
  12. Thats great, thank you. I assume where I have arrowed is where I remove it from? Regards Steve.
  13. Thanks for that johninderby, I will give this some thought. How much have you taken off? I was thinking about 5 to 10mm.
  14. Not sure if is the right section, so please move in need be. I have a SW Startravel 102mm, I like the scope a lot and for views of the Orion Nebula etc it is very good. The problem I am having is it does not have enough inward travel for focus. I use a 2" diagonal which is a SW one and a SW LET 28mm lens. With this set up it is not quite in focus when fully in. I also use a 12mm and 10mm 1.25 lens. I use the 2" - !.25 reducer, again there does not seem to be enough inward travel with this set up. If I use a 1.25 diagonal it is fine focus being about 50% out. My question is if I was to remove about 5mm of thread at the back of the scope would this be detrimental to the scope at all? It would I feel give me the extra inward travel it needs I have attached pictures to show you the thread. I am competent enough to remove the thread just wanted to seek your views. If not is there anything else you could suggest. TIA> Steve.
  15. I saw the X very clearly with my 102mm Startravel, but I could not make out the V.
  16. Thanks for your replies. PeterCPC It says Aux 1 and Aux 2. Can I run my Altair GPCAM cooling fan off of one of these ports?
  17. Any one know what type of plug fits the socket with arrows pointing to it. I am after one that fits in there with a female USB the other end. TIA.
  18. Hi, I was wondering if it is possible to get a connector that goes from either the Aux 1 or 2 ports on my 800 CPC to fit a USB type plug?
  19. Forgot to say, you actually drill the scope not the focuser. When I did mine I put soft tissue paper down it to stop any swarf getting onto the lens.
  20. Yes just a case of drilling 2 holes. Not sure what size now, could be 3 mm. Finder shoes cheap enough at £7 from FLO. I have a not so used focuser for sale in the for sale section if you are interested.
  21. I have tried this several times now on my PC and Laptop. All without success. Looks like I am going to have to pay to have windows 7 installed. Not happy as I have just had windows 10 installed ( not by choice) on them both!
  22. I was wondering if a Stratravel 150 would be too much for the EQ3 tripod? Dont intend to use it for AP, just visual. Steve.
  23. Hi Mike, thanks for the quick response. I do have the Altair Astro webcam and My Cannon 1000D, so it would not be waisted on visual alone. Perhaps this scope would be an excuse to do more astrophotography stuff. Just enjoying the visual at the mo. I should have asked some questions at my club, but I think I was too made up with having just won the raffle lol! I was using my 102 last night. I have a lot of light pollution in my garden, but I managed the Pleiads and they looked amazing ( had to drag the mrs out to look at them as well ). That was my biggest worry when I read about the 77mm obstruction that you actually saw it. Again thanks for your quick reply, gives me a bit more to think about now before I take the plunge. Regards. Steve.
  24. Right silly question I know. I saw the Altair Astro 6" F9 RC on display at my club on Friday night and rather liked the look of it. I didnt ask any question's, but when I got home and had a look I found they can be got for a resonable price second hand ( about 50% of new price ). I have read they have a 77mm central obstuction. Now comes the silly question. Do you see this obstrruction when you look through? It will be mainly used for visual in my Graden to go along side my Startravel 102mm. Steve.
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