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  1. Well, you were right. Just tried aiming and focussing on a house some distance away and I was able to get focus (more or less). So I am confident next time I can use the guidecam as intended...
  2. Lesson leared, a picture is worth more than.. I'll try this as soon as possible, thanks all for the input...
  3. I might have made a couple of mistakes. Firstly, the cam is a 120mm MINI, that might be a different one you have? Secondly, when I looked at it this morning, I noticed a piece of "tubing", which came with the cam could be broken down in two parts. It was just screwed together so tightly, I thought it was just 1 piece. Because of this I am able to reduce the distance between the cam and the front lens by 1 to 2 cm. Hopefully that might be it. First picture is how I had it yesterday night, second picture is of the tube broken down in three parts (left is the part with a piece of glass to project the sensor, middle and right is the broken down tube which I thought to be one piece). Last photo is of the cam now attached with only the glass protector and the small ring from the tube. Can't connect the cam without those two. Hopefully the 1,5 cm I lost is enough to get it in focus now, but with that storm and subsequent bad weather coming, I won't find out for a long time..
  4. I will, but it is going to be tomorrow.. Thanks in advance.
  5. Thanks, I will try later tonight. I do have the same finder scope, if you have it working, I should be able too.. --EDIT-- Well, I just can't get it in focus. Either I did something wrong when assembling it, or in the software, but the moon remains a vague light blob, no matter how much and in what direction I turn the main lens. Stars are completely invisible.
  6. Well, beautiful clear skies so out I went and whatever I do, I can not get my 9x50 scope plus asi 120mm focused. Removed the rocking ring, twisted the lens fully in and out, but no focus... Nobody who had the same setup? Am at my wits end, I must be missing something....
  7. For my evostar 80ed I want to use the finderscope as a guidescope. For this I bought a ASI 120mm mini and a Skywatcher 9x50 Finder to C Adapter However, after pointing it at the moon, I found out I couldn't get it in focus. When using sharpcap, the resulting image did show a vague outline of the edge of the moon, but clearly out of focus. I know you can turn the ring on the 9x50 finderscope and thereafter turn the entire front lens, but clearly not far enough (tried Both ways). Anyone using the same setup who can give me some pointers?
  8. Aviation is paying my (just started) astronomy hobby....
  9. I did find that adapter, so only a m48 ring for my camera?
  10. Just checked and it was included. So that's 1 piece of the puzzle I allready have...
  11. Thanks, but also out of stock. Have they been giving reducers for the 80ED away for free? It seems they are all out of stock and/or have a ridiculous delivery time..
  12. I did get that adapter (I think), but without the extra "tubing" of a reducer, can I really achieve focus? While most shops I know do carry that brand, I can't seem to find a flattner/reducer. Also, would that fit correctly? Would something like this work? Site is in dutch but basically it's an extender with a T thread (and space for 2' filters) https://www.robtics.nl/product_info.php?cPath=30_139_395&products_id=1088&pID=1088&language=en
  13. Hi all, I own a skywatcher evostar 80ed with which I want to start AP. There is also a Canon 600d underway, however I just found out the .85x flatner/reducer for the 80ed has a horrible order time (1 to 3 months) at most European webshops, including FLO. I do like to start making photos, what do I need to connect my Canon 600d to the scope? Since it is only a temporary solution, until the reducer finally arrives, I'd prefer not to spend that much cash if not needed. I am guessing I still need a m48 adapter, but do I also need some kind of extender? And would that connect to the focusser or do I have to go via the diagonal?
  14. Thanks all for the answers, I'll look at the 600d to start with. I am sure other brands and versions might be equaly well suites, but I have to make a choice. Again thanks for the help...
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