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  1. Thank you, I think it may be the tripod camera thread. I will try it later.
  2. I was wondering if anyone know's the thread size on the skywatcher tube rings circled in red (130PDS). I have tried a few odd bolts (mm) l have but none fit. TIA.
  3. Does the EQ3 mount fir the EQ5 tripod. Just thinking it might be a bit more stable when I start AP. TIA
  4. Thank you Peter, a new laptop is on the cards just not this side of Xmas.
  5. I am looking at getting a Zwo ASI 120MC-S for imaging/guiding but they have a USB3 connection. My laptop only has USB2. Can the USB3 physically fit into a USB2 port? Would it still work? I cant justify getting another laptop as I don't think my head would look to good on a spike outside my house once my wife found out lol. Or perhaps someone could recommend a similar camera. TIA. Steve.
  6. Hi Simon, welcome from Gravesend. I am a member of the mid Kent astronomical society.
  7. Thank you George, that has been really helpful. Steve.
  8. Drunk Coler, could you keep me posted on this please. I have just bought the synscan pro kit for my EQ3, but would really like the AZ Gti setup for portability. As for power tank I use a jump starter. I had one from eurocarparts, served me well until I let someone jump start their car and after that it would not charge. I think they may have put the terminals on the wrong way round. I got another off of eBay for £37 same as the other one but only 600 amp as opposed to 900. Both of which seem to do a good job. Far cheaper than the specific power packs that are being sold. Steve.
  9. Hi Cosmic Geoff thanks for your reply, I already have the 2" diagonal, 2" visual back and a SW startravel 102 and 130pds ?. I also have the SW LET 28mm 2" which I find comfortable to use. To be honest I seem to struggle looking through the 1.25" eyepieces I have. I am really after a better quality 2" than the SW 28mm LET.
  10. I was wondering what 2" eyepieces people are using on their CPC 800's. I am looking at getting one or perhaps two in the near future, one for planetary and one for DSO's. I wear glasses so would need long eye relief. Any advice as long as it is friendly ? would be appreciated.
  11. Thank you George I will certainly bear that in mind Thank you Hadyn, sorry to be a pain but do you have a picture of your set up. I have the Canon 1000D, but will probably use an Altair GPCAM as and when funds allow. Forgot to say I would probably use it on the tripod off of my EQ3 for extra stability.
  12. I was wondering if anyone has used a Skywatcher 130PDS on the AZ GTI mount?
  13. Thank you for your replies. I have got Stellarium on my laptop now. £2.19 is about to be spent lol.
  14. I have Stellarium on my PC and hopefully will be able to put it on my laptop ( graphics card problem) soon. I had it on my last phone but l have gone to instal it on my new phone and it says you have to pay for app. Only only a few pounds by was wondering if this is right as l thought Stellarium was free.
  15. Well I don't know what happened there. Just installed my printer on the laptop which was a bit of a struggle and thought I would try to re install Stellarium. Installed and working fine. It does say (No OpenGL2) now, so perhaps it has installed another version? Not very good with this computermebob stuff lol! Anyway thanks for all your help, much appreciated.
  16. Looks like I may just have the generic graphic card. O well I will get him to install a new graphics card as well. Steve.
  17. I give up now lol! Just got it up and running now it is asking for OpenGL again. My PC died this morning critical error, so I will ask the guy who does my repairs to upgrade the drivers on my laptop so I get stellarium. Anyway thanks for all your help. Steve
  18. Hi Martin, I have already done this. My laptop has only recently had Windows 10 installed and it was working fine. Then I had a glich on the puter this morning and now it wont open. I have downloaded Stellarium twice now.
  19. HI i have tried to install Stellarium on my Dell Latitude E6400 64bit, Windows 10. It has downloaded and installed and I have the desktop icon. When I try to open it is says 'Your platform does not support minimal required OpenGL 1.2. Please upgrade drivers for graphics card. Any ideas as to how I can get it to open? TIA.
  20. HI Julian, no motors fitted yet. i will probably go for the enhanced duel axis ones. Thank for all your advice. i can get shopping now :-).
  21. Thank you. I will get it downloaded to my laptop.
  22. I have a nearly new EQ3-2 mount and tripod. I have been looking at adding the enhanced duel axis drives and came across an article by stan26 going back to 2012 where he was able to guide the set up using his laptop. He used 'PHD' software. Is this software still available, or is there an alternative now? I dont really want to go to the EQ3 pro upgrade kit and I do not have the funds for a HEQ5. I have looked at EQMOD, but it seems as though availability is as and when. I would like to keep the EQ3 for portability reasons. Any help or suggestions will be much appreciated. TIA
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