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  1. Yes. 130 PDS in now all nice and snug along with its 50mm guide scope.
  2. Firstly welcome to SGL. Have you looked on eBay? l bought a flight case yesterday 850x270x295 for my SW 130PDS cost £52.50 which l thought reasonable. Obviously you would have to look for a size similar to the one you need. l have the eBay flight cases for all my scopes except my Celestron 800 CPC but will probably get one for that as well. Steve.
  3. We are on the edge of a small well spread out village, no overhead power lines so hopefully it will be Ok. l think there are only 5 or 6 street lamps as well so nice and dark.
  4. Thank you fifeskies much appreciated. l had bought the Cat5E cable but have not used it yet. Still it was cheap enough. l will get the Cat6 cable now. Expensive hobby this LOL!
  5. Hi fifeskies, update. l have found them on eBay l obviously did not look hard enough. So l think l will be OK now :-).
  6. Hi fifeskies I'm just in the process of building my Obs, well l will be when l can get back to France. My Obs is about 50m from my house and my worry has been the distance involved. l have just seen your post so thought l would ask a question or three. l'm not very techy but will have the help of a good friend who is who will set it up for me. Right now comes the silly question. The StarTech system pictured l assume you connect the Cat5/6 cable where it says Cat5/6 on the unit. A diagram of how it is set up would be good if possible. l have looked for the same StarTech system as in your pictu
  7. Hi Burns84 have you looked on this site for second hand? https://www.astrobuysell.com/uk
  8. l have the SW auto focuser on my 130 PDS and will fit one to my ED80 when the bits arrive. Pics of my 130PDS and pics on another ED80. Going to look at the PDS to see lf l can do the same set up as the 80 ED.
  9. Hi Merlin66. l like your set up. l have just purchased the SW ED80 PRO and was going to fit the SW autofocuser to it. lt has the 10-1 focuser. Have you a list of the parts you used please so l can go down this route. TIA. Steve.
  10. Hi lm struggling a bit on the wiring for a diy cooler for my Zwo camera. l have a Digital Thermostat Temperature controller (see pic). l have connect it to a 12v live and it kicks in and out as it should as the temp rises/lowers. The problem l am having is how to connect the 12v fan so it works off of the controller. Please be gentle with as l am normally OK with electrickery but this has me flummoxed. l have attached a picture of the controller. Should the fan be connected to the Green and yellow lines as per picture? TIA. Steve
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