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  1. Thank you for your replies and putting my mind at rest.
  2. l am awaiting delivery of my Zwo ASI224MC today and l have downloaded the drivers to both my PC and laptop. Quick question should there be an icon on the screen or will it just start up when l connect the camera. l have been reading there may be a problem loading to windows 10. TIA. Steve.
  3. Many thanks for your replies. An HEQ5 it is then, followed by the Esprit. l may get the 80ED to tied me over if l can find one for the time being, but the mount will be first. Steve.
  4. l am after some advice from you good folk. l have the EQ3-2 pro mount with the heavier duty stainless tripod from the EQ5. l was wondering if this would be man enough to take the Esprit80 triplet or would l be pushing it to it's limit. My cameras are the Canon 1000d and ASI224MC. TIA. Steve
  5. Yes please, l am about to get one made and was looking at size of pier
  6. 8324689, what size box section did you use for the pier?
  7. l am about to start building a pier for my Observatory or should l say the engineering company next to me is. l am struggling to find either 120x120 or 150x150 box section for the Colum They do not have any box section or pipe that size. l can buy a 6mtr length which is out of the question. The engineering company is happy to make it for me using the materials they have as if they have to buy in l will have to pay the cost of that. They have plenty of 100x100 box section. Would this be too flimsy bearing in mind l will not be going bigger than an HEQ5 and an esprit 100, and will only be used for AP. They said they can make the box section 120x120, but l did not want to give them the extra work that involves as it is being done as a favour.
  8. Bonjour et bienvenue chez SGL. l also have the 130PDS but due to work commitments and the weather have not used it that much and not at all for imaging. so l will be following this thread closely. l live part time in the Lot (dept 46) and enjoy Bortle 3 skies. l am sure someone will be along soon to help, this is a great forum with people always willing to help. Cordialement Steve.
  9. OK, no problem Andrew s l'm in no rush it is something l would like to have abash at when l retire next year
  10. Oooo me too please Andrew s, l have been thinking about this for some time. TIA. Steve
  11. Welcome to SGL from another Kent resident.
  12. Thank you l will give that a try. l have tightened the grub screw it was quite loose. Seems a lot better thank you.
  13. I have just fitted the skywatcher auto focus to my 130 PDS. While it seems to work OK l feel there is a lot of play in the focus tube as though it is not tight enough. l can with just a little effort pull it in and out by hand. Everything is tight. If l remove the auto focus and revert back to manual focus no problem. Any suggestions? l have put a picture up to show the piece that can move in and out manually. l had the auto focus on a 200p and cannot remember it doing this. TIA
  14. l have the star travel 102. The views of Orion and the Pleiades are spectacular (well to me they are) giving good detail, and possibly even better than in my Celestron CPC 800. l use the EQ3 pro with the EQ5 tripod. l'm going to set this up as a budget AP unit. l have been using Harrison's for a long time cant fault them. He will give you good advice as well.
  15. l'm not sure and its only a guess but l think Juan is from Spain. He may have been visiting family and of course Spain like us is in lock down. Its only a thought as when l contacted him about 4 years ago he was out of the country.
  16. Noah4x4, I think Jessops have just gone into Liquidation :-(.
  17. Welcome to SGL, from Gravesend and the Lot (46). Steve.
  18. I have the same camera, I will get mine done by Juan in the not too distant future.
  19. I have an old Skywatcher EQ3 mount and that is Black.
  20. Welcome to SGL, many happy times in Kalba as an Archaeologist.
  21. I have just gone down this route. I was lucky and picked up a brand New EQ5 tripod still in its box for £50. Not used it yest but surely must be more stable.
  22. Many thanks for your replies. Ordered 2 x 1/4" 20 UNC bolts yesterday arrived this morning and they fit perfectly.
  23. Welcome to SGL, you have certainly come to the right place for help. Joining a local astronomical society is a good step you should get lots of hands on help. My first scope was a skywatcher 200p regret selling it now. Steve.
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