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  1. HI Moonshane, thank you. I am never one to give up on something. I do have a SW 200 Explorer, really pleased with that, it lives in France under mostly clear, dark skies :-). I have collimated it already after its long drive to South West France, so she is no stranger to me either. I'm learning all the time. I did put the ST102 down for a while because of the 'focus' problem, but the last few nights ( once the clouds cleared) have been really enjoyable again, even with the light pollution in my garden. Even got a neighbour and his family interested now after he see me setting it up in daylight. so that is agood thing as well. Now all I have to do is be a good boy for a few years and perhaps SWMBO will let me have a 16" Dobby for when we retire to France :-)))
  2. Firstly thank you for all your comments, and suggestions. I am now typing this rather Red faced. I have had problems with the ST102 since I took the lens's out to clean as they were filthy ( bought 2nd hand). On another thread on SGL it was mentioned about putting a lens in back to front, and I had. Sightly, well a lot better but still not enough inward focus. I then read about lens pinching, yes I had tightened them a tad tight ( the pit falls of being in heavy industry most of my working life using BIG spannners lol). Still not a lot better. I then read on another thread about the spacers between the lens's making sure these were in the right order. Yes I had got two of the spacers in the wrong way round. What a differenece. I can now start to enjoy the scope again. Although I am thinking about getting the ST150 refractor :-).
  3. I always do. I normally get it set up in daylight! But it is always atleast an hour before I go outside.
  4. Hi Dave, I am sure it is something I am doing/not doing. I will get a photo of my normal setup on here. Then I am sure someone will spot what I am doing wrong.
  5. I will try to upload a photo tomorrow or Friday. Yes faint stars and the Moon no problem.
  6. Hi, I have the SW ST102. I think its a nice little scope, but I am having trouble getting inward focusing on brighter stars, it just seems as though it needs to travel in a tad further to obtain focus. I have fitted the Crayford Dual Speed Focuser but this has made no difference. I was wondering if the SW ST120 has the same problems with inward focus. Or perhaps a filter/filters would help to reduce the glare of the brighter objectsglare? I dont really want to go to the exspence of another scope ( I think SWMBO would hang, draw and Quater me) I am using a SW 2" Dialectric Diagonal with the SW LET 28mm eyepiece which I find comfortable. I have used other 1.25 eyepieces but they all seem to need that little bit more inward focus. Any ideas or simple fix's. Or is it just an inherant problem with the SW ST102mm.
  7. How did you manage this on the ST 102? I am having the same problems. I bought the Crayford duel speed focuser in the hope that it would help but it has not. Is it a simple fix?
  8. Many thanks for that. I have saved the items you mention. Yes all cables would have to be run through conduit. They get rather upset in France if you dont. good idea to run 2 as well. Regards. Steve.
  9. Many thanks again. I will have a couple of sockets in the Obs anyway so dont mind it being permanent. I have not built ithe Obs yet just planning ahead. Although saying that I have to wait for permission to build it as it is in France. Plans already in wirh mayors office and if I have not heard back from them by this Thursday I can go ahead and build. so keping my fingers crosssed. Again many thanks foir your help/advicce. I will now read the article. Regards. Steve
  10. Thats great and thanks for the very quick reply. What equipment do you use? I dont mind spending a bit on it ( blimey we all know how much we spend on our scopes lol!) Regards Steve.
  11. I have just read an article in the October 2013 Astonomy Now mag (page75) about controling your scope via a PC/laptop over a distance. It says about WiFi which becomes unreliable over about 50mtrs. It states a way around this is a wireless network device that utilises the main power supply in your home. It is a small box that plugs into your mains socket, one by the scope and one by your PC. It uses an ethernet cable, and only costs about £50. My problem is my Observatory will be about 60 mtrs from my house it will have mains etc installed. This system would be ideal for my purposes. Has anybody used this idea, or perhaps have furthe info on it? any suggestions? Regards. Steve
  12. steviebee

    Hello from Kent

    Yep, quite near. I went along to the MKAS lecture on Friday. I was made very welcome. Like you I have been spending a small fortune over the last month or so. SWMBO is getting a tad upset now. But its addictive. I don't drink or smoke so need something lol.
  13. steviebee

    Hello from Kent

    Where about's in Kent are you Ray? (nearest town ) Steve.
  14. steviebee

    Hello from Kent

    Hi Ray, welcome to SGL from Cloudy Northfleet. Just applied to join MKAS myself so hopefully see you there! Steve.
  15. Hi Tim I know it was some time ago you posted this but I am thinking of getting the same Barlow. I was just wondering how did you find it. Regards. Steve
  16. Just an update, I am writing this red faced with embarrassment . Well after having the lens's out again yesterday and putting them back in order It was worse. I was at the point on giving up on it and asking SWMBO for an advance on my salary so I could pop out today and get a new scope. Last week I found an article on the net to show you how to strip and clean a refractor. I followed the instruction (or so I thought) to the letter. I re read it last night, and the penny dropped. I had put the front lens in back to front. I had put the large convex side facing out instead of the small convex side. Put it in the right way round and a Happy bunny again. Thank you all for the help you gave me ( heaven knows I need it). Steve.
  17. Thank you Rick_It. That has been very helpful, much appreciated Regards. Steve.
  18. Hi Louis D, I will try to answer all your questions to the best of my ability. 1st I was not using a 45 degree diagonal with the 2" 28mm lens, just an extension tube that came with my SW 200p to enable focus. I will be getting one (a 90 degree) tomorrow. 2nd The comet tail is the same colour as the star (suggesting coma?) 3rd Yes it does seem to grow longer the further away from the center, and yes it always points back to the center of the star as it is moved around the FOV. 4th The tail looks a bit blurry either side of focus, and always points down away from the center of the star. 5th I have used my 25mm (1.25) lens that came with my SW 200p on a 45 degree erecting prism which I got for terrestrial viewing and it is the same as all above. I bought the scope second hand last year for £50, it came without lens's, no 2" to 1.25" reducer, no diagonal and no finder scope. It does not owe me a lot, but I do like it. I do not want to throw too much money at it as I would sooner just go buy a new one. ( I will raid my 12" Dob fund if necessary). I am sure it was fine before I took the lens's out to clean them as there was a couple of milky colored spots on the inside lens. I ensured they and the spacers all went back in the right order. I am not sure if it can be colminated as there are no screws holding the lens's in just a plastic threaded disc. Hope this helps. I have tightened the focuser up now as it was very wobbly, but will not be able to use it again until Saturday as back to work tonight. Steve.
  19. It will be fine tomorrow night as I am back at work lol!
  20. Just checked the grub screws and each took about 3 turns to make contact. No play now, happy bunny. Hopefully the clouds will clear tonight for a test. If not I will have to wait until the weekend. Thank you again for that, and all the help I've had on this.
  21. Thank you Peter, I will have a look now. I have been looking at various posts on here. Do you think it could be Chromatic Aberration? If so is it possible to reduce it. On another post here it was described perfectly as a star having a comets tail.
  22. Startravel 102. Sorry I have not got back to you all, but have just finished a 12 night stint at work. I was out last night though. I have cleaned the lens (in scope) again and refitted them making sure I did not over tighten them. I used a new to me LET 2" 28mm lens with an extension tube ( could not get focus without this). This was perfect in daylight viewing. I was happy with the night time results except when viewing altair (very bright) it had like a comets tail. This tail was there to varying degrees no matter where I positioned it in the lens. I have a SW 2" dielectric 90* diagonal coming later in the week. All other stars where good. Perhaps a filter (any suggestions) would help to reduce the light. I am also considering a Crayford duel speed focuser as there seems to be a lot of play with the one on it ( standard from factory). Just want to say thanks to all you for the help you are giving me. Regards. Steve.
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