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  1. Great shot Paul! I have a Samsung and so far am very pleased with the images captured with it. Tony, Labrador sure can be cold! We had wonderful northern lights last night. My husband took some pictures of them. I will try and post them on this forum later on today. Stay tuned! Isabelle
  2. No, I'm in northern Quebec / a little north of the 52nd parallel.
  3. I would love to go DSO hunting but the moon is being quite the nuisance right now. No disrespect against our natural satellite intended of course... Patience, patience...
  4. Thank you for sharing. This is fascinating stuff! Isabelle
  5. A half moon surely gives us more shadow to use in our favour. Sorry about the high winds and rain. I had that for three weeks! I was starting to forget what the sun and blue skies actually looked like! Thanks for coming by Alan and I'm just hoping that the clouds stay away! Isabelle
  6. I have surely done the over exposed "blob" thing myself. My husband used to have the iPhone 4 S as well but although normal shots came out great, the astronomy related one came out not as nice. Some of my students were also using their phones to take pictures of the moon with different results. One was having issues with an annoying black spot that kept on coming up in his pictures. He was really disappointed. I find that taking pictures of the full moon is not as impressive as other phases. Thank you for your encouragement and I think your capture of the moon was well done. I haven't used RegiStax in some time. I should try again real soon. My best Saturn picture was using that program. Isabelle
  7. I hope your operation on your spine foes well Hawksmoor! I encourage the students in asking questions and yes... there are times when I can't answer. When this occurs, I am very honest with them and invite them to look for the information with me. I really try to emphasize that the Internet isn't always the best source for information since long with the brilliant info, comes lots of garbage! 3 am to see Jupiter? I can understand you sleeping during this time. I have never been an "early riser" kind of gazer myself. I can deal with the -20 Micheal. It's the -30's and 40's that bother me. Oh man... I can feel the frostbite already! You are so right Lee, a sure fire way guarantee to a cloudless night ( a cloudless one in 1 month may I say) IS a full moon!
  8. After a full month of overcast skies and endless rain, we finally had a break in the clouds! How do I know that it has been exactly a full month? Well, the last time I was out, the night sky was blanketed with the light of a full moon. Last night? I'll let you be the judge: Once more, I used my Samsung Galaxy S III (cellphone) to capture this picture. I was reading in my Astronomy magazine how many backyard astronomers are adopting this technology in order to document their outings. Real cameras do take better pictures but you can't argue with their portability and ease of use on the go! So have you tried it yourself? I really need to test this technology against deep space objects. Mind you, I think I already know the answer. It just won't work! The night sky seems to be slowly returning to us as the days shorten with the beginning of October. The chill is also making the mosquitoes hide. Soon, we shall reclaim the night fellow stargazers! Jupiter was low on the horizon around 10:00 pm. I attempted to capture it with my camera and phone but both proved to being hazy. Two of my high school students came by for an astronomy session. Apart from a blinding moon and a hazy Jupiter, I had little to show. I attempted for the galaxy Andromeda but it was too close to the brilliant moon making the hazy cloud of the galaxy hard to see. Better luck next time right?I am very energized by their interest. Both in class and outside, they bombard me with endless questions. It's on thing to "take in" the night wonders but quite another to be sharing it with blossoming "youngster passion". I really hope it won't be another month before I go out with my telescope and post my findings on this forum. The fact that both entries were on nights when the sky was overwhelmed by the full moon's bright aura is just... well, a backyard astronomer's luck! Isabelle
  9. Welcome to this forum and to this extremely addictive passion! Isabelle
  10. Very interesting subject. I was asking myself the same question with regards to a 3" Barlow. Thank you for posting. Isabelle
  11. Thank you Jules! I am quite proud of it considering the limitations of the equipment! Isabelle
  12. I have to agree with John on this one,... they are the best pictures I have ever seen of Saturn! Isabelle
  13. A telescope enhances any room but I have to admit that when it comes to vacuuming the house,.. it can become quite a nuisance. Oh well, a little dust has never killed anyone right? Isabelle
  14. Actually Andrew, I think that being unplugged to the rest of the world is something that I actually NEED! I must admit that once returned, my transition period was quite hard since I actually suffered from insomnia the first few days. The first night back,.. I didn't sleep one wink ALL night! I have now recuperated fully but a part of me would return to being "out there" in a second. It's like two different worlds and I strongly recommend it to anyone. Didn't Socrates say and encouraged the philosophy to "know thyself".
  15. Thanks for the welcome everyone! I was hoping to return outdoors tonight but it seems that the clouds are doing "their thing"! Isabelle
  16. During the summer, I leave my remote teaching community to be reunited with friends and family. Once there I indulge in their company. I also spend many days camping, hiking, kayaking and simply remaining outdoors. Unfortunately, this means that I am far away from both my telescope (except for a much smaller one than usual) and the Internet. This all to say that my lengthy silence has come to an abrupt stop since summer has come to a close and school is starting up once again. I am looking forward to learning / sharing with all of you once more. I have to admit that the recent changes on this forum and my memory of using the Internet suffered a "momentary lapse of reason" when attempting to write this entry but like riding a bicycle, it came back to me. I missed all of your company recently (August 25th) when Neil Armstrong made one other " step and final leap". I was crushed since he had been a hero for me since the tender age of grade school , when my primary teacher introduced him to the class. Many around me didn't understand my more somber attitude so yes,.. I missed this forum greatly. My return to Stargazers Lounge is one to be celebrated but none as grand as my reunion with my telescope! The poor "little guy" had been grossly neglected over the past two months so I dusted it off yesterday night. Quite a momentous occasion since it also marked the presence of the blue moon. Its light was blinding to say the least. I was easily mesmerized by its presence especially since on numerous occasions, the sight was enhanced by the passing of Canadian Geese overhead. Some of my grade 8 and 9 science students came to join me. unfortunately, the glare of the moon hid all other viewing prospects but we eagerly tried our hand at capturing the moon with our,.... Smart phones! Really we did since the students had nothing else to use. I gladly grabbed my husband's Nexus III and took the following shot. Not bad! Actually, if truth be known it's the best I have captured so far! Yes! Can you believe it? This was taken with an Android phone! Isabelle
  17. Yes, for me it was also the rarity of the event, the fact that at that very moment, when I was looking at the transit, people all over the world were doing the exact thing. One shadow united,.. think of it. Yes, it was a dot but in the end isn't this what makes astronomy so special. It's not what we see that overwhelmes us but what we KNOW about it! Isabelle
  18. I tried to capture the ISS once as it flew over with my telescope. All I was able to capture in a bright light for a millisecond. That little guy is fast! Isabelle
  19. Very nice capture and you're right, the clouds really does give it a different aura around it! I'm happy the clouds finally cooperated so you could experience the transit. I had pristine skies but I know many out there were completely blocked out of the show. Isabelle
  20. I find this site helpful when it comes to satellites http://spaceweather.com/flybys/. This being said, the ISS is unmistakable! It's brightness can't be compared to no other! Isabelle
  21. I'm with Caldwell,.. I would LOVE an Android version! Isabelle
  22. I do my stacking using video files. RegiStax does all the work and the end result is fabulous! Isabelle
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