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  1. Thank you for this John! I always wondered if I should get one but since I do not take pictures, it would be money lost.
  2. Great image! When I tried to view it with my Dob, all I saw were bright lights! Isabelle
  3. Saskatchewan must have been surely beautiful at night since the sky must stretch from one horizon to the other (being so flat). However, like you have mentioned, the temperatures do dip quite low in the winter. I like being warm as well Michael but like many nights when it comes to stargazing, we can't pick the conditions... Thanks for coming by! Can anyone comment on the micrometeorite though? It would surely be helpful! Isabelle
  4. Thank you Astro Imp! I try and not stay out to long which is why I haven't seen as many Messier objects as I want. Oh well... the north has its issues. If I was teaching further south, I'm sure light pollution would be my nemesis. Isabelle Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  5. We're both doing well. I hope you are doing great as well! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  6. Thanks Nick and James! Unfortunately, when I leave the northern regions for the summer, all I have is a mush smaller traveling scope so I'll take any weather to see further with my Dob! Mad? Since I love Pink Floyd, my friends actually call me the "crazy diamond". Isabelle Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  7. Thank you for coming by Qualia. I wouldn't mind stargazing around your region since I am sure I wouldn't suffer as much frostbite, As for madness... they say that astronomy is a passion right? Isabelle Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  8. Greetings and welcome to the forum! As a person who likes tastes from around the globe, I would like to mention that I have always enjoyed the wine from your region. A glass of wine while looking at the starlit sky is perfection! Isabelle
  9. I have done this myself with a lot of difficulty. However, due to it's speed I was unable to see much detail. I hope you can see more! Isabelle
  10. I teach grade nine and ten (History, Science, Language Arts) in an isolated region of northern Quebec. Some weeks are more trying than others making this one the most straining of all. Last night, in an attempt to reconnect with my sanity (in the midst of correcting, lesson planning and science fair reports) I bundled up to face whatever mother nature had in store for me. I was in luck... the moon was center stage while the clouds had rolled out of view. Unfortunately, with the humidity at 80% and the mercury at -30 degrees Celsius, the visibility was quite poor. Ever seen the moon swim in frozen waters through your lenses? That's when humidity and cold create well... this: My Telrad had given me issues the previous week so I was happy to see that it was now securely fastened with a screw. Serious deep space viewing was impossible due to the Waxing Gibbous moon and humidity casting an ominous glow. However, the moon simply couldn't be ignored. Taken pictures is not as important to me as being in the presence of such reflective splendor but I did catch this little picture with my Galaxy SIII. My students always enjoy it when I share it with them the following day. I was surprised that none of my secondary students came to join me but with the Olympics on and the freezing temperatures, I can't blame them. Extreme astronomy isn't for everyone. I am very proud of one of my students who has taken the habit of making her way to my house every time the clouds cooperate. Unfortunately for both of us, these times are few and far between this winter. Today in class, she was able to conduct an experiment working with micrometeorites. She gathered snow shortly after the Quadrantids and with the help of a magnet discovered this little gem which she will be showing at the Science Fair next Wednesday. She understands that not every speck of rock that reacts with a magnet a micrometeorite. I told her that I would be posting it on this site and she is now awaiting your final say.. did she actually find a micrometeorite? The picture was taken through a microscope and then enlarged by cropping the picture. Have a great weekend everyone and clear skies! Isabelle
  11. I own a Galaxy SIII smart phone, Since I do not have any kind of "expert" camera, I find that the flat surface of my phone catches some good pictures. Granted that they are simple but... to give a peek to my friends who have never seen through the yes of the telescope, it does just well.
  12. Brilliant shot! The ISS looks like a mere mosquito next to our natural satellite! Isabelle
  13. Humidity will spoil any night viewing. There are some nights when the entire moon looks underwater! Pristine skies where one does not have frostbite, mosquitoe bites galore, humidity, light pollution is few and far between but... when that night comes... It's perfect! Then there are nights when everything goes wrong! Isabelle
  14. Wow! That is indeed a huge meteor shower! The Philips Stargazing 2014 yearbook.. I need to get my hands on that! Thank you for making me aware of it. Isabelle
  15. I usually stand when others are around, especially my students. When alone, I find that sitting next to my Dob is quite therapeutic after a long day. In the spring, I can hear the frogs in the distance and an occasional flock of geese flying by. During the winter... silence! perfect! Isabelle
  16. I missed this group as well! With my TELRAD finally fixed and the sun blaring, I can only hope that I'll have a chance in going outside with the scope tonight.
  17. Thanks Alan! By the way, I fixed the mirror in my TELRAD and screwed it unto my telescope. No more falling down that's for certain. Thank you all for your help! Isabelle Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  18. I'm still waiting for my turn to see it. Right now, my TELRAD is giving me issues so I am literally roaming out in the dark. I'm sure I'l get my chance this week! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  19. I'm still waiting for my turn to see it. Right now, my TELRAD is giving me issues so I am literally roaming out in the dark. I'm sure I'l get my chance this week! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  20. Thanks for the added info Alan. I never used the viewfinder with the Skywatcher since the TELRAD seemed so much better. Is that what you meant by electric focuser? Isabelle Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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