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  1. Thanks Scarp. I will definitely use the cable ties during my next try. First, I need to fix the bottom mirror of my TELRAD which fell off after falling twice. Isabelle Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. Sounds like you are having a great night! I wanted to go out tonight but it looks like the clouds have another idea. Isabelle
  3. Welcome to SGL. I wish you clear skies! Isabelle
  4. The first galaxy I ever saw with my telescope was Andromeda. I couldn't have been happier than making the acquaintance of my first "grey fuzzy". When I adopted a little grey kitten two years ago, I couldn't resist and called her Andi, after my first galactic discovery. I hope you have a great time outside tonight. The Orion Nebula is always a wonder sight! Isabelle
  5. Thank you Scott. I did indeed clean the area before applying the double sided tape. A cable tie is a great precaution and I should have thought of it sooner. I am lucky that my mirror suffered no damage. The double-sided tape that I purchased was the most expensive one at the store, I will try again using your precautions but I first have to fix the TELRAD since it seems that the small mirror under the red light has come off. Probably due to falling twice I'm sure. I will also wait a full 24hours before heading out into -30m (or so) temperatures. Isabelle
  6. Oh my gosh! I just picked up my TELRAD to see where I can put the screws on and.... well, it's not normal that something is loose in there is it? I guess something did break and it was NOT my primary mirror. The mirror on the bottom under the light seems to have fallen off. I guess I will have to glue this as well. Oh man... would it be simpler just to purchase a new one? Isabelle
  7. Ha! Screws it is! I don't know why I was "shying away" from something permanent! Thanks! Isabelle
  8. Thank you for coming around Alan. I was so relieved when I saw that the mirror was intact. I wonder how fragile it really is? Usually, a double stick tape works right? I guess I should be more patient the next time I take it out. Apply the TELRAD one night and wait till the next night to use it. I'm sure that 24 hours will be sufficient but I am afraid of it falling unto my primary mirror once more. Isabelle
  9. Thanks Paul! I was so surprised that a phone camera could take such a detailed picture! Isabelle
  10. I have had my 10" Sky-Watcher for many years now and its accompanying buddy, the TELRAD. The other day, when I was sleeping, I heard a "thump" which woke me up with a start. I made my way to the location of the noise to find out that my finderscope (TELRAD) had fallen off my telescope. I purchased a double sticky tape and reapplied it to the scope but after a recent romp amongst the stars, saw that my TELRAD had undergone the same fate. This time, however, the TELRAD fell off of the telescope and because of the dangling tape, actually landed on my primary mirror with a loud "thud"! I nearly had a heart attack! Was the mirror cracked? NO. I was quite surprised with this outcome since the TELRAD seemed quite sturdy when I glued it with the double-glue tape. I think I might have taken my telescope outside in the cold too soon after applying it to the scope (I waited about 5 minutes). Tell me, what is the best way to re-affix the TELRAD to my telescope? Thank you for all of your help. Isabelle
  11. Everything is going well Jules although the winter is quite aggressive this year. Oh well... I guess spring will make its way to us, at least that's what they say. Isabelle
  12. This was my last attempt at the moon with my phone: Isabelle
  13. From the album: Recent pictures taken with my phone

    I own a galaxy SIII smart phone and enjoy taking pictures with it since I do not have a sophisticated camera. I enjoy the flat surface and have been able to take simple pictures to show my friends who have never looked through a telescope. I am hoping to steer them to this direction. Isabelle
  14. I often use my Samsung Galaxy SIII to capture the moon and have always been happy with the results! Isabelle
  15. and here I am with the mercury huddling by the -40's keeping me tucked safely away inside. I did try and go out the other day telling myself that cold weather means pristine skies but all I got for my efforts is frostbite! Isabelle
  16. I waited a really long time before my first collimation. I was simply afraid since so many had expressed the same fear. Now.. it's a piece of cake! Isabelle
  17. Thank you once again for the warm welcome. The skies? Coming up here is what made me become interested in astronomy! From the stars to the auroras... The -40's is what kills "the wonder" but it still gets me out there! Isabelle
  18. I was going to head out tonight but we have another cold one... Soon... There will be a time when the supernova starts to diminish. I hope it sticks around! Isabelle Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  19. Welcome to the forum and amazing first shot and with binoculars no less! Congrats! I remember when I saw the Galilean moons for the first time. They were lined up in such a straight line that I thought I had cracked my lenses! Just wait... Saturn will surely blow your mind! Isabelle
  20. Thanks Peter, Beulah and Bizibilder! You're right, you can never leave.. (great song by the way). Isabelle Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  21. Wonderful shot! I teach in the remote north and have seen the auroras many times. Unfortunately, I have not able to capture a shot as beautiful as this one. Isabelle
  22. My interest in stars started when my parents took me out camping when I was young. How often I gazed at the blanket of stars and wondered, "What secrets are held there". Then came my obsession with Star Trek. Yes, I admit it. It had to do with Star Trek. My husband actually met Patrick Stewart once at a convention (Oh man.. I have said to much) and actually told him, "My wife now spends oodles of money because of you!" Isabelle
  23. Yes, those security lights are really annoying and really make me want to practice some baseball pitches. I find that letting a neighbour peer into the telescope goes a long way. It's all they need to understand your passion. Congrats in moving to a less light polluted area! Isabelle
  24. I have a different telescope in the summer months since I do a lot of camping. This helps in finding pristine dark skies but... my traveling scope is much smaller than my 10" one back home. Mind you, nothing beats skygazing by the light of a fire with a nice cup of Shiraz on the nearest tree stump! Isabelle
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