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  1. Hi all, Ive downloaded this software namely for the Polar Alignment aspect. I have a couple of really noob questions but never the less ill ask them at risk of sounding dumb! 1)Will this work with my SPC900 webcam (I do use maximdl). If so which indexes would i require when on 200pds? 2)I understand if you show this software an image it will solve it and move the scope to that part of the sky, but im guessing without using the polar align function will it not literally track all over the place? 3)What are the advantages over this(other than time syncing etc)over doing a 3 point align/sync? Tha
  2. Once again, thankyou Chris, will do. Regarding "autopec" do I need to have loaded a PEC file into EQMOD or will this just correct if ticked and mount is tracking? Thanks Rt
  3. Hi I'm just enquiring about a form of side by side setup on a HEQ5 pro mount. Im thinking because the weight is closer to the axis this might be an advantage to me. The thing is I have two telescopes(200pds/opticstar 80mm)both with losmandy dovetails, can I attach these to a Vixen tandem dovetail and does the HEQ5 allow for a vixen type dovetail to be used? This would save me buying anymore dovetails for the setup. Also can anyone recommend someone who sells these at a reasonable price? I also use EQMOD for my goto's, would this be a problem if mounted side by side? I presume it wouldn't due t
  4. Hi How did you find the filter? I have the same short tube refractor myself and considering this option. Namely being greedy with my setup has aided this interest in the Semi-Apo filters, it was intended as a finder, now used as a guider and after a nightmarish evening of trying to get a decent photo from this its now stretched to a wide field astrophotography scope. Only thing is the results where quite different to that of my reflector, some being down to my own misunderstanding and some down to the allowances of the scope but I believe this little filter would help. Thanks Rt
  5. Hi Wandered whether someone could shed some light on this for me. Im able to PA accurately as have a good view of Pole star. I have read a guide somewhere on how to create a PEC file, edit it and apply to eqmod for corrections. Trouble is if im being honest I dont really understand it and I also think ive done it incorrectly. If anyone knows of a simple guide please could you direct me to it or if someone could just put together quick instructions id be more than grateful. It would be interesting to know typical values aswell on what PEC in terms of arcseconds to give me some idea as to whethe
  6. Steve can you give me some details please, would be interested if still available.
  7. Hi everyone, I have visited blakelands and that would be a great site, not sure about the lights from nearby wolverhampton international airport though! Ive also though himley hall may be a good site, I used to play golf there and still know the owner, if I could get enough interest im sure I could sort something out. Rich T
  8. This is really weird. I didnt see this tonight but happened to be close to the window around 3 weeks ago and saw something which was exactly the same, size, colour everything. This was in the south though, a large white ball that gradually went from white to blue to red and yellow, and had quite a significant trail. Ive read if this was a meteorite this could show it composition, ie iron. It must have broken into 7 or so pieces and faded away into distance. No one believed me, maybe they will now.
  9. Thanks peeps, and those filters seem to have rave reviews. Certainly going to give it some thought as it certainly seems to make images much more natural looking unlike some others. Thankyou. RichT
  10. Roger was that shot with the 200pds or ST80, got myslf a short tube refractor and not sure whether to get solar film for that or the 200pds? I take it you used the trusted webcam.
  11. Thankyou, I thought it may have been something to do with the assembly of the reflector, just wasnt taking the same shot as I could see through viewfinder. Ive spoke to the guy at Opticstar and he reckons the ED Apochromatic wouldnt be as much of a problem, I just have the standard version but being 90mm f/5 it does pick up light quite well, just doesnt seem to deal with it well. It does however say on the website it can be used for Astrophotography which im a little confused on. Is there an eyepiece which acts totally the opposite of a barlow that I could put in my main scope that would give
  12. Hi all, I have a question regarding taking long exposures on a short tube refractor using a cannon 10d. The other night I thought I would take a photograph of the Pleiades but rather than use my main scope i thought I would take a wide field shot using my Opticstar short tube refractor. I took numerous images but I couldnt seem to get back focus, I gave up for the evening and tried again another night. Last night I added an extension tube onto the back of the refractor and sure enough I could go in and out of focus. My first target was Mirfak which I thought I would get in focus and then slew
  13. This is a great idea, shame ive seen it too late, but would be interested in future events. Thinking of himley hall as i know the owner of golf course.
  14. Hi all, just looking for some advice really. Im trying to connect my SPC900 to MaximDL but noticing that the long exposure doesnt seem to work. Its running to PC via a serial to usb adapter but not really sure of the options to select on there(seems to work fine with sharpcap and wx). I have gone through all options and none of them appear to work with longer exposures. Having said that this is in house, havent managed to go outside due to cloud cover. Just wandered whether anyone else managed this. Thankyou All. Rt
  15. Thanks Gina. The area in which im grabbing this appears to be right over Birmingham which does give more LP in that area than others. Looking at it last night it rises quite a way upwards. Is this what LP can do, ie blurry, impossible to focus images? I may have to wait a couple of hours before it reaches somewhere around the azimuth. Thanks again.
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