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  1. how does this scope compare to an f8 150mm refracor?
  2. i was thinking of getting one of these, the 8mm to then barlow with, but having read your quick review maybe the 5mm would be better for max mag...any exp with the 5mm? thanks
  3. moonwatcher

    uranus 2

    there's a nice picture in philip's solar system observer's guide 2005 by peter grego on page 149 it details uranus & 3 of its moons (i think) using a 6" refractor at x188. the picture is about 63mm or 2 1/5" square and uranus 4mm or 1/8" wide and is green. now this is a picture so it will show colour but as you mentioned lack of colour I was wondering whether the dob vs refractor is any thing to consider??? ie no-colour with mirrors vs colour with refractors??? i don't have exp.with mirrors so don't know much about them...but i would guess that it is a very faint kind of green and maybe just looks white maybe??? try some filters, ask around for advice about the diff's between Mirros vs Refractor and get back to me please...i was thinking of uping my 4" refractor to a 6" after seeing that picture i mentioned...also planning to make my own 8" dob/newt at my astro club...
  4. moonwatcher

    uranus 2

    went to my astronomy club's public show (public come along look through scopes, you know the thing)...there was no luck with uranus but was informed that with a 4" you will see a greenish smudge - but an 8" is what you want (mirror that is) hope this helps folks.
  5. moonwatcher


    your 8" should be fine, I'm 4" at the mo, but uranus is visable with the naked eye on perfect nights with a 5-6mag seeing...so you should see it as a faint star-like thing that is greenish (so the books say) even with 10x50 bins.
  6. anyone know which refractor is better and why : the Sky-Watcher EvoStar-150 or the Celestron omni xlt 150? any other scopes worth considering? Opinon welcomed but real world experience with both would be of most benefit. anyone got 8inch or more? also welcome comments of experience from those who have only used the one scope too.
  7. moonwatcher


    spent a couple of hours trying to see uranus tonight...no luck. I know where its supposed (ish )to be but can't find it or my elbow...lots of clouds and clear moments interrupting my viewing so i go back to computer and try another asterism to guide me...found it hard to find Pices with all the cloud (that's my excuse)...better luck (preparation) tommorrow. don't know what to expect other than a green looking star, must have "seen" it but didn't regognise it as such. Jupiter's good though, and the moon of course...I compared my apo barlow and meade swa in 3x mode (x140ish) on moon it was a lot better than than my 6mm (x166) its in the light transmission that it wins hands down...upgrade time...mars is around at around 4am I really should go to bed though...
  8. liquid mirrors have always been a facination...some are now considering magnetically moveable mirros, a bit like adaptive optics, also with carbon (nanotubes? diamond refracts so why not) also heard of titanium dioxide being used in coatings, don't know for sure how though.
  9. moonwatcher


    yes! my fav const is back! but this time I got a 4" refractor telescope!!! ... I just realised it is 4am and that there are quite a few double stars to split in orion. had a go at rigel and mintaka and alnitak. not much luck as was inside through double glazing...will have to go outside on a proper session when better prepared.
  10. Hello Randy Pan theGoatBoy. wont go further with the BH quotes...except I just gave up smoking...
  11. hey Isabelle no offence meant - just wanted to know what you were looking at...it could have been something really cool...star hopping aint easy I hope you dont use that 12" for that, a set of 10*50 binoculars are great to map out the sky to help familiarise yourself with the night sky...i notice you have a smaller scope too...have you ever set up the two together using the smaller one as a kind of star finder - you get to view the night sky at different aspects of mag/fov etc, may be easy than the finder scope on the 12" alone...just a suggestion not a criticism...
  12. How does one start out on this field with very little cash? Hopefully this is another facinating topic that will gain more followers and their home made project spectrographs!!!
  13. what's the bresser like - i was thiking of geting one of those? as to radio astronomy I have heard you can use a satellite dish in a very limited way, try jodrell...
  14. nice blog. keep it up...err isn't m31 & m32 in the andromeda constellation? and not " ... deep within the Great Square of Pegasus."??? what were you looking at ???
  15. nice looking scope...anyone ever made their own?
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