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  2. I’m a bit lost. Maybe I have missed something but I thought this thread was about whether cameras that use 35mm roll film are now completely out of use. Perhaps I have got the wrong end of the initial question.
  3. If you're worried about back focus take a look at the zwo version. It allows a little extra space which might be useful for some setups.
  4. I had to grit my teeth to spell it out .
  5. The think to remember is that if you currently have a large format camera using 2 inch filters you will only have to crop this new camera to the same size as your old one in order to use your old filters with it....that is probably not a huge crop either. Personally I expect this to kill off large format CCD cameras.
  6. Hello can any one tell me what causes the weird sort of hockey stick stars in this image,they dont seem to be in the single subs,but come out when it is stacked.
  7. Nice - made by Vixen for Tele Vue. My Tele Vue Everbrite looks like this:
  8. Yep. Can't bring myself to type it in full.
  9. According to the link you posted they guarantee that cover to work in most environments for 24/7 365 days.
  10. Hi thanks will have to look at measurements but looks good I have seen these covers I was wondering if I would be safe using these https://www.firstlightoptics.com/telegizmos-telescope-covers/telegizmos-365-scope-cover-for-6-8-f5-dobsonians.html
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  12. +1 for the TeleVue's. I have two of these --->...but will not sell one. No matter how much you try and bribe offer me! They're that good in my opinion.
  13. Hi there, just wondering how you've been getting on with the Altair 1600 mono cooled cam? Thinking of getting this camera too but concerned about back focus... Also, what do you measure to and from if one doesn't use a Flattener or reducer?...or do you have to have one in the train? I've been fine with my t3i dslr camera up to now... Cheers
  14. Yes, I've seen that too but didn't realise what it was.
  15. I was not saying that it did John. The WO and other similar looking diagonals do though.
  16. Rural France = no light pollution but also = rural French internet!!! lly
  17. The Skywatcher doesn’t use a junction ring and the eyepiece holder screws into the body of the diagonal and doesn’t protrude inside the body.
  18. My two 1.25" diagonals are a Tele Vue Everbright 1.25" and the Baader T2 Zeiss prism with a Baader Click-Stop 1.25" adapter on the eyepiece end. Hard to find faults with these two, apart from the price. I have owned a few other 1.25" diagonals including the William Optics and some clones of it. While they are well made and optically sound, they use a thick internal junction ring to hold the 1.25" eyepiece holder to the body of the diagonal and that vignettes the FoV of the wider field stop eyepieces. The less pricey Revelation 1.25" dielectric did not have the above issue and performed pretty well too.
  19. Hi Ollie, Maybe you can use something like this near to where you would normally set your telescope up, It would be small enough to keep on the boundaries of your garden possibly between bushes or something so that it is not imposing your view of the garden. It will provide all year round protection from the elements and you could look at running a low voltage heater at times of the year time to keep moisture down and protect it all. both the top and the front open up for ease of access when the time is right. The cost for this is around £100.
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