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Just wondering if anyone knows the best and dare I say it cheapest ( more importantly ) place to buy Telrad finders.

They are approx £40 on the internet, just wondering if anyone got one any cheaper.


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I coudn't care less what our Telrads look like! They work. You can find things with them. The big thing is the 4 degree circle which tells you... what 4 degrees looks like on the sky! You have a reference on scale, which a dot does not give.

They use proper batteries and are reliable over many years. (Two lesser finders have popped their clogs here) but not the mighty Telrads. You can buy a second mounting plate and go from scope to scope, etc etc.

I paid more than forty pounds over ten years ago. Interesting.


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There is the Rigel Quickfinder, which ought to work well on smaller scopes. It lacks the largest circle size and uses button batteries:

Rigel Quick Finder and Telrad - Review

If committed, however, you can mount a Telrad on even the smallest of scopes:


Here is a "shorty" Telrad mod, but the battery sits outside the box:


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I chose a Rigel Quikfinder over a Telrad for my Mak127 as I had read the Telrad was possibly to big for the Mak. I can't comment on that, but the Quikfinder is excellent, as mentioned it lacks the outer circle which is a shame as the downloadable pdfs with Telrad circles look very useful.

But it's still very good even with only 2 circles and has made star hopping so much easier than using a standard finder. I couldn't manage without it!

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