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  1. Beautiful picture! I bet with 21-pane you we're doing this at quite a fast pace.
  2. Finally found time to get the pictures on flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/astro_allie/sets/72157633530752315/ enjoy! it was a great show!
  3. Not sure what happened there! Can't seem to be able to delete the duplicate!
  4. I'll be posting them when I get home tomorrow. Took loads of pics :-)
  5. I went to the talk. It was very informative, had a lot of information on how to start off although it sounds like the easiest bit is to acquire the date, the hard bit is analysing it and interpreting the results correctly. They had a stand but were only displaying, not selling. I'm interested in the slit system but it is pricey.
  6. We spent the two days at the show. Went to three talks, the mars talk and the spectroscopy one on Friday and Chris lintotts today. All great talks. Got to have a laugh with Chris and get a picture and book signed. He's a very nice guy, very approachable! my plan was to simply get an illuminated reticle eyepiece, I came out with it but also a neximage5 and a powermate 2.5x which will be posted out to me. All great deals though! Was great to see all the scopes and cameras, accessories. A fab weekend! See you all next year. I hope it because a regular show! So much easier to make it down from Newcastle then having to go to London!
  7. I saw an example of this at the astronomy show today. Looks like a great solution to getting a bigger aperture!
  8. Took the mount out for the first time at the weekend and was very impressed with the precision. I did the 2-star align, then the polar align, and managed to get panstarrs within a 15mm eyepiece just by entering the coordinates. The next test will be doing some deep sky imaging with it. Wizard4177, have you noticed your handset taking a few seconds to power on when you switch on the mount? It's the only thing about the mount that is concerning my at the moment. Everything else about it is brilliant! Allie
  9. Not sure how the ipad thought the word 'brilliant' was 'Till isn't' lol! I meant brilliant pictures!
  10. Till isn't pictures! The inverted ones looks great! It gives them a lot of depth!
  11. Great sharp pictures! There's quite a lot going on on the surface at the moment. I only we could get a good cloudless day! Lol!
  12. That makes a lot of sense. Will hold off on carrying a leveller around and see when the skies clear.
  13. 'Ve received the avx mount. At first view it looks a more robust build from cg5. The alt-az adjustment screws are much better, the dovetail holder seems better and the power cable now screws in, the car adapter side also fits better in the power tank. It doesn't feel loose like on the cg 5. Can't wait to try it out! Now for clear skies!!
  14. It doesn't matter too much as it's cheap enough to get one. I do find it weird though as I would have thought for astrophotography the mount needs to be precisely aligned and that would include making sure the mount is levelled. I imagine the mount loosing precision when rotating or slewing slightly too far or too short of the object.
  15. That sounds like a good idea, will have a look at some this weekend.
  16. Received the mount yesterday yay! I've put it together and at first look it looks much sturdier then the cg5. The altitude bolts mechanism are much better, the mount itself is just slick. Can't wait to take it out!! However there is one thing for the life of me I cannot find on the mount is the bubble level. The manual says it's got one, but I can't see it anywhere. Go you guys know where to look for it?
  17. Wow that time lapse is gorgeous!! Could you give us details of how you did it? Things like How many pictures, time between the pictures etc.
  18. I think in my picture, it adds a ring of colour around the stars. Am not very experienced with post-processing, will need to take a look at how to do that. Am sure it's doable, I read in another post someone did this on an image taken with the same scope.
  19. Beautiful image, definitely something I want to concentrate on come next season. Imaging will soon become impossible up in the north east until after the summer. We will be loosing astronomical darkness very soon!
  20. Wow, really nice, you can see the depth in the animation. Would love to try this out someday!
  21. That's really good, is it done in photoshop?
  22. I've got a startravel 102. It does create a lot of fringing on planets, but I have also noticed it while imaging deep sky. Here's a link to one of my images, bode's nebula, http://www.flickr.com/photos/astro_allie/8010392176/in/photostream. You will notice fringing on some of the stars. However, I do love this scope, it's got very nice wide field views and I don't notice fringing while doing visual observing on DSOs.
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