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  1. I've got one, but don't use it very much any more. Wixey + iPhone = GOTO. Very handy, you can find targets very quickly.
  2. I missed the bit before when you said "through your scope" - do you mean attached to your scope or afocal? There's 2 likely reasons why you didn't capture anything of M45. Firstly I guess your eq2 isn't tracking which would explain the streak, and secondly a 30 second exposure though your explorer 130 at f5 isn't allowing enough time for much light to reach your cameras sensor.
  3. You can certainly see M31 at the bottom there - quite exciting to see it pop up on the screen isn't it You should certainly see something in a 30 second exposure, what was the aperture set to, as redneon suggests wide open is a good starting point - what lens do you have?
  4. It's always a nice feeling seeing the first m42 of the year. The Double cluster is also a favourite I always seek out if possible.
  5. I feel for you too. I'm in a similar situation, the greenfields opposite our house have been earmarked by the local council for development with a mix of residential/industrial. We moved out of town because we didn't want to live in a built up area. We've been here five years but we've had the estate agents around for valuations and aim to sell up. It may take up to 5 years for any development to begin, but it will happen - so we want to get out now.
  6. Another Essex boy here with a 250px although I relocated to Hampshire 27 (eek) years ago. Enjoy the scope, I think your going to like it ;-)
  7. I really like the 2nd one, that "hint" of milky way is beautiful.
  8. They are some of the best ISS pictures I've seen. Well done!
  9. I hope so, it's my 40th (ouch) on Friday, and I've got loads of family staying with me next weekend and we're hoping to get out into the forest all day Sunday.
  10. For moon and planets: First Light Optics - Skywatcher Skymax 127 SynScan AZ GOTO
  11. I have zero faith in my Hotech, it gives me a different result every time I try (which I believe is down to the poor quality of the standard Skywatcher R&P focuser). For that reason I use a Cheshire.
  12. Nice one Stan, when are we going to see more from that 2.8L?
  13. Some nice shots there despite bringing the clouds with you Love the last one in particular, lots of very familiar and favourite objects in there, even better with Venus in frame too.
  14. That is stunning, you should work for the Caithness Tourist Board
  15. Fantastic (as usual ). I'd love to see the aurora one day, in the meantime I'll make do with shots like this.
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