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M31 LRGB - got me some dust!


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Finally got some red subs to go with the L G and B so finally have M31 properly (well up to the limit of my processing skills) in colour. Fastar NS8 and SXV H9. L subs CLS 60x30 secs. RGB all 30x60 secs. BTW don't be deceived by the short subs, 30 secs with the fastar set up is equivalent to 4.5mins at F6. The fastar is a difficult beast though - not really a flat field with the H9 plus lots of gradients which makes colour processing hard work. Pretty please though, especially with how well the dust shows up!


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Well spotted Rog, it's to do with the lack of a flat field with the Fastar and H9. As you know you can selectively reduce star size to some extent but I didn't! The Fastar has its problems but it doesn't half grab the data. I might try to shrink them down at some point but want to avoid having the image looking over processed. Still a lot to learn

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