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Tonight's Moon on the wane


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Thats a very nice Mosiac Tony , excellent detail as well , good control of those camera settings , well done mate , good fun eh thses Mosiacs, problem is once ya done them thats it ehhehehe , but i would like myself to get some real close ups of the craters , like one crater to fill the frame , now that would be good , over to you Tony , see what you can do. but well done on this one


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No probs mate.

The concept unfolds like this.

Take a sequence of images that capture the field of view that you want to frame (eventually)

Save the images as a BMP

You will then need a bit of software called "Imerge" it is freeware so just google it and download it for free.

It will come with instructions and is so simple to work (if i can do it anyone can)

After reading the instructions if you still have problems just let me know and i will take

you through it step by step.

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Thanks all :(

I was quite surprised to get anything useful, having totime capturing the avi's in between gusts of wind (the weather that is :D )

Rog, not much chance of me getting any up close work with my low tech setup (unless somebody donates a 9.25 on an EQ6 :))

at the moment I have to chase every avi across the screen in Registax, not so bad at prime focus but a complete nightmare when using barlows.

CH, the mosaic was done using iMerge (just Google it), it's pretty much the easiest (and best IMO) out there.

Think I better explain "optimised colour non-raw mode" for those who are unfamiliar. It's basically one of the four different modes you can run the ToUcam in if you "re-flash" the firmware in the camera. Other settings are colour or b/w raw mode and reset to default mode. Details on the how to's (and risks) are here..


I've found that the optimised colour non-raw mode works really well with lunar/solar (and planetary) imaging, and it's far less hassle than messing around with raw avi's


I would recommend to anyone, that they are familiar and comfortable with the hardware and risks before you start to mess around with the ToUcam's firmware.

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