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  1. Gorgeously clear as usual in Turkey, not much colour in the shadow, interesting all the same.
  2. Admirable and dedicated, if not a little nuts
  3. Not just me then , having checked again it's finally here - not a good likeness though!!
  4. Obviously everyone is out watching the comet for real at the moment but how long does it take for starry night to be updated to show the comet ?? Does anyone know?
  5. The light from Hertfordshire is a bad influence on Turkish skies. 8) 71.1 % ... result!
  6. It looks good, though I imagine following your post there will be a large queue of users tonight!
  7. Prasadka, I use a scope similar to your although a little bit bigger, these objects are difficult to see but possible. One thing you might try (if you already haven't) is to make use of the spiral search facility. Via the key pad select an object and press goto as normal. After it has beeped press the goto button again and the system will start an automatic search look carefully while it is doing this and you might see some of the objects you are looking for pop into the field of view.
  8. Huge taxes here too (more than the UK) but the price difference still makes it worthwhile.
  9. The dollar is really knackered at present (the lowest against the pound for a long time) so what do people recommend buying from the states ??
  10. That's why it was a tad cooler today then?
  11. I love this hobby as it often seems I'm doing something for the first time. Tonight it was two planets (Venus and Saturn) in the same EP. Unfortunately the afocal photos were rubbish but the memory is there.
  12. Hi and welcome from an extremely hot sweaty Datca, Turkey and congrats on being the 1000th member
  13. I was looking at it 2 hours ago and now (we are plus 2 GMT here in Datca) and it's still the same. It's a pity I couldn't get a shot like yours as it resembles the Turkish flag (the wife would have appreciated that one!). I wasn't trying to suggest anything negative Pete, just trying to sort out my own confusion. In fact I've just run the sequence on starry nite and can see exactly what you mean.
  14. I've been able to see it for the last 2 hours but it's in a completely different pattern to Starman's photo i.e Venus is on the outside of the crescent not the inside. Anyone care to explain how that is possible ?
  15. If you could get yourself a copy of 'Starry Night' (it's extremely useful astronomers software), this has a function which puts the screen on red, dim enough to read but it doesn't affect your night vision and therefore presumably your neighbours.
  16. CH


    Evening and welcome
  17. Ask Starman to get a couple of close ups and you will get your answer.
  18. Have a look at ebay.com the U.S version there are some good deals on there from reliable suppliers
  19. I hope it's found not guilty
  20. My mother in law is down visiting from Istanbul, last night her and the Mrs. came up onto the terrace to have a look at Saturn , Jupiter and the Moon. I've know idea why but despite constantly putting it in the centre of the eyepiece 4 times she couldn't see Saturn at all. However, I did get a 'ne guzel' (how beautiful) when looking at Jupiter and it's moons and a 'harika' ( wonderful) when viewing the moon. She was somewhat freaked out to be honest ( bear in mind that the education system in her time was nothing like it is now), this was something very special for her. Made me feel good too.
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