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Kaptain Klevtsov

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Another brilliant capture of a cluster CC, its on a par with your M15, wonderful stuff! 8)

I've had a play, not overly impressed with how its turned out, but I did my best..

<img src=http://iseestars.net/image/6384/large/image.jpg alt=ISEE STARS Image>

Caz :D

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Oooh blimey, I'm no expert CC, I just play!! :D Saying that, on this one, I used 'unsharp mask', then I mess around with exposure, depending on the image I sometimes use 'shadow and highlight' wonderful tool. If theres a slight blur on the image, as there was on this slightly, I used 'Smart Sharpen', basically, it removes motion and lens blur. Obviously you don't want to tweak too much, you will lose some detail, or the other scale, to false... I guess at the end of the day, its about knowing what looks right to you...

Play around with editting software, and tweak away!!

HTH.. :?


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