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Big and small Jupiter


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I was trying to get good image at f/28 last night. Seeing wasn't as good as f/28 would want to, but still 2 out of 4 sets gave good results. At f/28 for ICX098 in DMK I have to use up to 1/19 sec exposures for the IR channel which adds camera noise and makes the seeing affect frames more. It's hard, but next month ICX618 cams should be finally available - QHY IMG0H or Basler Ace :eek:

f/28. First is made with wavelets and blur, second with convolution (autostakkert) and less blur:


DSI III Pro, f/10, Jupiter moons, from left Europa, Io, Ganymede, Callisto (click on the thumb):


I've put Jupiter from processed image on strongly waveleted the same image.


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Hi Rik

You are getting some cracking detail along with processing

I'm using a DMK31 with a 2.5 x powermate and a 200mm meade SCT and am at 1/9sec exposure so I'm struggling to get the frame rate also I'm burning out the bright areas and losing detail in the faint

I need more practice



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For DMKs don't go longer than 1/30 sec at 30 FPS mode with max gain. It's do-able at f/20 for IR-RGB and RGB at higher focal ratios. Going to longer exposures makes the images **** due to camera noise and seeing.

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