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  1. Now all sold, thanks. Advert can now be removed / archived thanks
  2. Now also listed elsewhere, but I will keep this advert active until sold.
  3. Hello all For my next project I’m moving to a refractor - a Bresser Messier AR-102XS. I’ve been acquiring various pieces, mainly 2nd hand, and the missing piece now is a tripod. I’ve got a 2nd hand AZ-GTi mount on the way, and am trying to work out what the most suitable tripod for it would be. I don’t mind how heavy it is, my main consideration is that it doesn’t take up too much space, and is less than £100 (new or 2nd hand). With that in mind I’m thinking of: - Redsnapper RST283 - Horizon 8115 - The steel tripod from my CG-4 (which I’ve currently got up for sale)
  4. The Omni XLT127mm scope is now sold (but thanks for the additional interest!) CG-4 and tripod combo are still available.
  5. Omni XLT 127 is provisionally sold. Will edit the listing when sale goes through.
  6. I'm having a bit of a clearout to make way for a new project. For sale here are a couple of items that have seen very litle use: 1) Celestron Omni CG-4 GEM Mount + Tripod - £125 *** SOLD *** This is in generally very good condition. There are a few marks, and scuffs consistent with normal use. There are also a couple of minor (small) patches of surface rust on a few of the bolts and steel legs. It has seen very litle use, and has been in storage for the past few years so it is time to find it a good home. The small rubber tips that go on the very end of the feet have perished, s
  7. Or maybe just 14 days Sadly the scope spends more time in the loft than outside nowadays, but I'm hoping to get it out again soon! Thanks for your input though Sky Daddy!
  8. Thanks for the continued replies sherr03: WRT the XLT 127, I've only ever looked at planets through it. Jupiter and Saturn can be quite sharp given the right viewing conditions. Another forum member pointed out this site in a post earlier today: http://www.12dstring.me.uk/fov.htm If you switch to "visual view" and then choose the relevant eyepiece and telescope, you can get a rough idea of the size of image you are likely to see relative to your apparent field of view. The quality of the image will vary widly though according to viewing conditions. If you were able to set up in the light,
  9. Thank you very much for all the replies so far From what has been said I think a dob would suit me best based on my current requirements. There were some interesting points raised about not going with the flextube to save some cash, as indeed it will only save on vertical space which isn't too much of a problem in my shed. Which dob I go for is going to come down to whether I decide on auto tracking or not, so I'll do a little more thinking and review reading to decide what I really want. Thanks again for the initial suggestions (and the agreement that eq mounts can be a pain to store!). I'
  10. Hi all I currently own a Celestron Omni XLT 127 scope. Although I like the scope very much, I find that I'm not using it as much as I ought to due to the time it takes me to set up (no space to leave it pre-set up unfortunatley!). One of the main reasons I bought my current scope was to save space, but to be honest although the OTA is relatively small I still need a fair amount of space to store it all. So I've been toying with the idea of a dobsonian... I had discounted them originally as they seemed big and bulky, but thinking about it they would probably take up less space than my curren
  11. Hi all My scope has been relegated to the shed, and there isn't room to leave it set up with a cover over it....so I need to look at suitable storage. I'd really like something that both the scope, mount and tripod could fit inside, and that would offer adequate protection for life in a shed. Based on the size of the tripod, I'm going to need something approx 100cm in length. My best bet so far would seem to be a cricket bag, such as: Readers Team Wheelie Cricket Bag with a few silica gel sachets thrown in for good measure. Does anyone else store their scope in a similar way, or can anyone of
  12. Hi Mark Welcome to SGL. I've had much the same problem as you - a new scope which had caused a drastic change for the worse in the weather! Steve
  13. Tugboat

    complete newbie

    Hello and welcome to SGL! Steve
  14. Hi Paul Welcome to SGL! It looks like you've got a decent set of kit there to get you started Steve
  15. Having checked, it wasn't dubious at all - someone signed him up for £500 direct debits to charity: BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Clarkson stung after bank prank
  16. I seem to remember Jeremy Clarkson (writing in the Telegraph I think) saying much the same thing, and he published his bank details as a challenge......I understand he became signed up to a number of direct debits for all kinds of dubious items! Steve
  17. Hello and welcome from me too Steve
  18. Very useful, thanks! Will save it to my bookmarks Steve
  19. Hi I completed S194 a couple of years ago. I thought it was a good grounding in the subject, that required no real prior knowledge. I also liked the fact that there was a choice of dates to submit your ECA, so you could pace your work to suit. Steve
  20. Tugboat

    Another newbie

    Welcome to SGL Neil I'm sure someone "in the know" will be along to answer your questions shortly. Steve
  21. Beat me to it at least I didn't imagine it!
  22. I believe this was raised earlier today in another thread. One of the mods replied that they were looking into it, and if I recall correctly it only affected a certain version of vBulletin and the version used on SGL is not affected. I can't locate the thread right now to refer to it though. Steve
  23. Hi and welcome to SGL Steve
  24. That had me in stitches! Especially the stuff about otters! Steve
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