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  1. I think you can get more out of the PST. I use a DMK21 AU618 and a Televue Powermate 2.5x to obtain focus. But I have also used a short C mount adaptor with my DMK21 to get this:
  2. Hi, Bought a new CCD camera, I have not changed my reducers or telescopes, do I still need to create new V-Curves? Thanks Daniel
  3. Thanks for everyone's help. I deleted my EQMOD INI files and it sorted out the problem. I then went onto drift align with PolarAlignMax, which was OK. But last night I used 'Alignmaster' for the 1st time, and it is brilliant. After about 4 refinements, I tried some unguided tracking at 5 mins (300 sec) with no star trailing. I think it could do even more! Brilliant. Now I am worried that autoguiding may upset the mount.
  4. Thanks, One question the sidereal rate in EQMOD is set to: SIDEREAL_RATE=15.041067 Should this be different due to the different gears in the EQ8 compared to the EQ6?
  5. Hi, What a time I am having with this EQ8, shame it's not a good one. I used the handset to perform the 2 star alignment, then went through the polar alignment routine on 2 different stars, about 3 times each. I got the polar alignment pretty close by using my Atik camera on the PC monitor. The mount continued to track well with the handset, I parked, turned off. Connected EQMOD cable, powered up, unparked, resync'ed encoders and then went to find Capella to sync on to start building my points list in EQMOD. Well once I got to Capella and the Sidereal rate was on, the stars were zipping past on the PC monitor - but hadn't I just polar aligned successfully via the handset? But it felt like the tracking wasn't even on in EQMOD even though it said it was. Has anybody come across this problem? Thanks Daniel
  6. Thanks, that sounds wonderful, but unfortunately I am using Maxim DL. I suppose there must be a similar way to group them in Maxim.
  7. Hi, Just wondered the best way to stack when I have 2 sets of Ha data from different nights. As I have 2 sets of flats, and 1 set of darks. Do I just process the 1st night with those flats and darks, and the 2nd night set with those flats and darks and then just stack those 2 resulting stacked frames? Or is there a better method to get the best out of my subs? Thanks Daniel
  8. It's on my shopping list. But I have to be sure EQMOD works, plus I need a new Pier Head adaptor from AstroEngineering to be produced to fit my AC421 pier.
  9. Hi, I have a DMK21 with a CCTV f2 lens attached and I wanted to set it up like an 'All Sky' camera for meteor showers etc. It seems to work OK, but wondered what the best settings are? What capture software do you use? What are the best settings for exposure, gain etc? Thanks Daniel
  10. The 490 looks the better deal if the 460 is only £100 less. Surely won't Atik need to reduce the price of the 460 to around £1,750 to distinguish the two models?
  11. Has the 460 actually been reduced yet? IanKing has it for £2,049
  12. I have the pro pier with an EQ6 on top bolted to the floor. It's good. I also have a full height owls nest on top, as I like my scopes high up.
  13. Make sure your scope is big enough, I tried it with a 5" refractor and I could not see anything, my friend tried it on his 8" LX200 and again it made everything too dark. In the end I sold it on.
  14. Atik told me that cooling more than -10 actually made no difference for the 314.
  15. Hi, I am getting some strange star shapes with my Equinox 66 - see attached. I am using an Atik 314L+, Starlight Xpress USB Filter Wheel and a WO III flatenner. Is this the classic spacing to 58mm issue? If so, does anybody know what mm extension tubes I should be using? I don't have this issue on my DS-Pro 80ED or DS-Pro 120ED using the same setup. Thanks Daniel
  16. So if I need some hard drives, it's best to wait - and if I need Televue items buy second hand!
  17. Hi, Just noticed that all Televue prices have risen a fair bit. 1.25" Powermates are now £175 2" Powermates start from £265 TV 40mm Plossl's £120 TV Barlow £100 Look back at these prices from Jul 2010. Telescope House Barlows I also noticed the other day that Hard Drive prices have increased, you used to get about 1TB for £50, now 1TB seems to be £100. Dan
  18. Hi, I took an image of the full moon with a zero second exposure within Maxim DL using my Atik 314L+, and even the FITS header says 0 seconds - but is it really zero seconds? Surely a zero second exposure would show darkness? How can I find out what the true exposure length was? Is there a min. exposure length you can do in Maxim or with the Atik 314L+? Thanks Daniel
  19. Took this the other night, on my SW120ED with WO vIII x0.8 with OIII filter and Atik 314L+ camera. 20x0s subs in Maxim. Played with in PS.
  20. Thanks, I suppose I did not mean East-to-West - as they all go that way! duh! I meant the west side - so slot 2 or the one on the right, as it moves round!
  21. Just got a dual mount bar on my EQ6, now I have a 120ED and 80ED, should I put the heavier 120ED on the East-to-West side? or the other side or does it not matter? Thanks Daniel
  22. I'm looking fwd to finding out the weight difference between the 10" CF and Steel versions.
  23. Yes, it seems strange they would put that in the ad, must be a marketing blunder. You would at least need the rings and dovetail.
  24. There is a SW ad for the Quattro on the back cover of this months Sky at Night Magazine and that says: "All OTA's are supplied without: eyepieces, finderscope, tube rings, dovetail bar and 0.5mm ultra thin secondary mirror supports" So it seems to me you need to pay more for the finderscope and rings and dovetail bar if you want them, is this right?
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