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So what do you guys do for a living?


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The funny thing with astro forums (fora) is you know what telescope someone has but [removed word] all else about him!

I know James is a composer, Bill and Moonhunter are students and Russ is a Council Tax leech :) but what about the rest?

How do you pay for your scopes? :)

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Well Gaz this is going to make me instantly unpopular - but I've worked for the Inland Revenue for the past 23 years.

Job could be on the line though because of my recent sick record! :)

Have I got any friends left now on this forum?

So youre a tax inspecter on the sick? I dread to think how much you are costing us tax payers!!! :) :)

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Yes I knew that Gaz. And ofcourse you can call me Andy (as that's my name).

Thanks James, too :)

Spot on! I was just checking.

I don't always insisit on a title either, the O'Connors are the last High Kings of Ireland and I let that slide.

:) :) :)

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I work for Lloyds TSB Bank in Commercial Finance. I ave worked there for 13 Years as a Client Service Administrator Manager but also get involved with training of internal staff.



P.s Yes another blumming accountant

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I work in Furniture, not sure for how much longer.

My current company imports furniture from Thailand and China and supplies the trade - Harveys / Furniture Village / Land of Leather and a few big independant shops.

Good fun most of the time. Don't think I'm going to be doing it much longer to be honest!


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IT Manager for Jordans Cereals.

Been here for just over 5 years. Was an analyst programmer prior to that.

We have just started building a new warehouse, with a third party, and there will be a year of systems integration. It's going be a LONG 12 months!!!


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Hi gaz,No the scopes not arrived yet, alan is posting it on the 30th. Anyway I cant use it straight away - I'm living in student digs in guildford and arranged for the scope to be sent home in somerset, I'll probably have to wait unitil mid-october before I go back to Somerset for a weekend to try it out! Fingers crossed the clouds keep away and I get some decent seeing conditions. :)

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Hi guys i am an inventory controller for a boi-tech company. Invitrogen Inc

I work permanent nightshift so midweek astronomy is not an option I'm afraid though i am able to see all the

late night meteor showers (when the cloud/moon allows).

I started out as a Butcher then went into construction from there i did lorry driving for a few years.

When the opportunity came up i decided to start using my brain instead of my brawn.

I'm still waiting for the brain to start working though. :)

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OK, guys, I told you I was in Local Government - I'm the Licensing Officer for the 9th largest Borough Council in England. That makes me a bit unpopular at present with those who who live near pubs, and who have objected to extensions of hours etc, and where I've rejected their objections - but, hey, that's life!

What else do you need to know? Apart from I'm underpaid, overworked, etc and by the way I DO pay toward my pension - ask Russ!! (I guess he's not really a leech). Don't believe all that you read in the Mail! (or Sun/ Times / Grauniad / Independant etc). I could say loads more, but I'll stop there.


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