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Hi, I'm Wontlookdown and I'm from Northern Ireland. At the moment, I take pictures using my iPhone, but I hope to upgrade my equipment someday. At the moment, I'm just starting out and I've taken some pictures in recent days of things I've found in the sky around my house. I hope that we get more Geomagnetic Storms so I can see the Northern Lights soon. I'm particularly interested in tracking it, but for the meantime, I'm just content documenting anything. I hope to meet a lot of new people here, and that my knowledge grows.

Regards, Wontlookdown.

(P.S. I added some pics that I took last week of the clouds.)




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10 hours ago, SteveNickolls said:

Welcome to SGL,



Thanks Steve :)

7 hours ago, Nikolai De Silva said:

Hi @wontlookdown:hello2:

You will meet a lot of new helpful people here, and your knowledge will certainly grow. :thumbright:



Hi, Nikolai. Thank you. I'm excited to expand my knowledge :)

4 hours ago, wookie1965 said:

A warm welcome to SGL 

Thank you very much :)

1 hour ago, Floater said:

Welcome. Hope you have lots of fun. 🙂

Thanks! I hope so too :D

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@wontlookdown Hi and a warm welcome to SGL. You will meet many good people here, and you will learn a lot. I would be lost without the help of the more experienced folk here!

Best of luck with your Astro journey!

Regards, Wes.

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