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Astro club outreach

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Our local Astro club is holding some outreach events . Last night we had the company of 60 children aged 9-10. 


Many had never been away from home as they stayed at a local yh and enjoyed the national space centre . I took them in groups to sit and draw a projected view of the moon and Jupiter . As they were drawing , I told them a few bits of interest on what they were looking at . 
Other members gladly gave up their time and took groups in turn to our obsy and presentation room,

Cloudy skies had stopped any chance of a sky tour . It was amazing to see their interest and such questions !

" Why is Jupiter so big ?' " Is that the Great Red Spot ?" " The moon was chipped off the earth ". 

Certainly made a change from the usual boring carry on of endless youtube presentations and deep science talks , usually when the skies were clear ! 

So please support outreach , it broadens young minds to a Universe that we can see and respond to . It also helps more senior in years to take stock of what we've learnt and how to pass it on enthusiastically . 

For knowledge has no purpose if not passed on . It's no earthly use me knowing something interesting and squirrelling it away to be forgotten later .

If you can share the views with friends , family and clubs , please do so . Stargazers should be coming out of the cupboard and letting folk know that there are wonderful things up there !

Under clear skies.  


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Nick, that was one of the best posts that I have read on a forum for a long time. Thanks so much for posting it and for the efforts that you and your colleagues are making to share this wonderful knowledge that we have been privileged enough to pick up in our hobby.

I am 100% in agreement with the sentiments that you express. John Dobson had it right I feel:

"...the importance of a telescope is not how big it is, it's not how well made it is, it's how many people less fortunate than you got to look through it...."

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Great post, I really enjoy doing outreach, although the opportunity doesn't arise much.  I can remember well the times I have shown others the sights, and I think its an experience kids (and grown ups) will remember.

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It can be very rewarding.  We are already booked up into November with lots of schools, scouting organisation groups and STEM groups.  Most of the youngsters are excellent but a small handful not so.  We have some sweet moments such as one of the brownies looking at Saturn through the MAK 150 and saying 'WOW, it's a planet with ears!'  Little did she realise the significance of what she had said (Galileo 1610).  We haven't tried the projection idea, that's a possibility.  We do have a Moon crater formation demo though. The functioning planetarium has helped enormously. If just a few of them go away to reap the benefits of future scientific discoveries then I'm more than happy.


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