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AM5 three star polar alignment.

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Hell hope someone can help, whilst using the 3 star polar alignment routine in NINA, to align my AM5 mount l adjust the alt az screws as per the instruction given then wait to see the result of my imput I am finding that the mount even though it is tracking is usually worse than before the adjust ment. If I just leave it retake more measurements it continues to drift further and further out of wack. As far as I am aware once you do the nessary adjustment it should stay at the adjusted position and if not correct you readjust until you get to polar alignment. It just nor possible to reach PA if the mount is not holding on the previous adjusted position. To say the least this is very frustrating. Help on this issue would be greatly appreciated. 

Regards Mick. 



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As well as checking the the locking post PA I would double check the date/time & location settings (including DST) as well.  With a PA process without NCP/SCP in view it is less accurate and any error in date/time can be exaggerated.


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