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Hi from Netherlands !


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First of all, thank you for welcoming me in this community.

Till now i was a regular reader as a simple visitor, and decided to register for sharing with you (as much as i can)  and learning from you for sure about our hobby.

Simple astro hobbyist since decades, i came to the path of EEVA since few years, with a great pleasure and i am also fond of Night Vision techs (terrestrial and astronomical application).

I am also really attracted by the DIY spirit and tries, with modest means, to build and use NV systems with second hand materials (II tubes, thermal, cameras...I, antique optical stuffs, sometimes exotic materials gathered in flea market.... 

I am fascinated by trying to "see the invisible".... and astronomy is a great playground for that!

Here is my little YT channel i dare to introduce here, hoping you will enjoy and it may be useful, somehow, for the "database" of the forum.


Again, thank you fro your welcome and i wish you clear skies!


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Thank you, Grymouser, but not so much of knowledge, i am afraid.... :D 

I am just a very curious person and love to experiment when possible.. For my learning process i try to collect data in a kind of "logbook" which is my channel, for later consultation for a current project or another....

Forum like here are a wonderful place for learning and sharing, a bit with an "academic" spirit...... Again thank you to all of you for your work done here !

Best regards.



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