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Jupiter 28th May

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Good to see the gas giant again. We are in for some good imaging and observing this year. Its going to get a lot better quite soon. 

Stella lyra 8" classical cassegrain QHY 462C Camera ZWO ADC QHY UV IR CUT EQ5 PRO  Image is resized

04:00 UT

jupiter 28th May (2).png



10000.png 50 (3).png b.png e.png

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53 minutes ago, Freddie said:

Nice to see these and your earlier Saturn, though I think I will leave it a month or so before I drag myself out of bed to image these.

It heralds the beginning of the best planetary situation in the UK for many years. When was the last time we had Jupiter a tad shy of 40 degrees ? That wont be for a few weeks yet of course. 

I dont mind fighting the murk. Its great practice, quite enjoyable in the garden in the early morning light. Was hard to focus mind

No winjupos with these yet. Not worthwhile until its better placed i dont think. 

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4 hours ago, si@nite said:

Must be almost a daylight shot Neil its great to see jupiter again, nice one!

Hi Simon. Yes It is good to have it back isn't it. And yes it was daylight. Which does reduce contrast. But enjoyable breaking the Ice


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4 hours ago, morimarty said:

Well done Neil. It really is looking promising for UK based planetary imaging at last.

Cheers Martyn. Fun times coming for sure. Was going to try Mars soon. But a dust storm has started. Better to happen now than later we hope

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10 minutes ago, callisto said:

I bet the CC will produce some great images Neil :thumbsup:



 Hi Mark. Yes i think Jupiter will image well with the CC. And its very portable. Easy to setup up and get running. Just waiting now for higher elevation and darkness

Hopefully when it gets earlier. Lots of people will start joining in.


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