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North American Eclipse 2024


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Myself and Lorna are discussing where we want to go on our honeymoon. We've thought about Japan or Australia. Lorna's SIL is Australian (but lives in Ireland) and Lorna has been there 2-3 times over the yrs, so not exactly a dream destination for her. 

I got to thinking that the 2024 eclipse would be perfect as we both have family and friends living there and neither of us have ever been. 

My bestman for the wedding lives in Syracuse (NY) and is right under the path of totality. We are thinking "Kill 2 birds with 1 stone". Fly over for however long (staying in hotels), view the eclipse and maybe visit family and friends. We'd obviously rent a car so we can do some touristy stuff.

Hopefully our plan comes to fruition. If Lorna is lucky, we may even fly 1st class.

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5 hours ago, niallk said:

Sounds class!! - and a big congratulations to you both on your engagement 🍾🥂

We've been engaged since 29th Feb 2020 (Leap year). Tradition dictates that on a leap year, women can propose marriage. Lorna did exactly that. Our wedding is set for 9th December 2022.

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