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Use of mini PC's permanently outside


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Having spent a year carting my EQ6-Rpro and SW ED80 outside for imaging, I am considering building a ROR observatory in the summer. I would like to control this with NINA from a mini PC but it will STAY outside. I have looked at various fanless windows PC's such as the Male 2 Quieter and the various Hunsn models but presume some are better than others regarding cold / hot temperatures , condensation etc. The site for my observatory is only 30 feet from the house so I could hardwire it rather than wifi. Its a long term project but any comments would be welcome. 

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I have a Mele Quieter 2 fastened to the dovetail but it's only left out under a Telegizmo 365 for a few days at a time if clear nights are forecast. Once the forecast is not great I bring it in but it's been ok so far. I do add a pet bed warmer thing though to keep the damp off as much as I can.

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If you leave the mini PC on for most of the time, it will be warm enough so that dew won't be a problem. Same should be for cold, unless you live in the arctic. I have my Raspberry Pi on 24x7, and also a Rock64 Pro that runs a web server for my all sky camera. Both just keep on going.

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I have a ROR observatory I use for imaging, my first NUC lasted 3 years on the mount... decided when it failed next one would be keep in the warm room, that lasted 4 months before a warranty replacement was needed! 

Seems to be more luck of the draw than anything else... 



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