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  1. Yep agree with all of that too, whether you realise it or not you have opened up a massive rabbit hole and you're about to throw yourself head first into it. You cannot even imagine how deep the hole is but it's very. very interesting and rewarding so do not be afraid
  2. "Making every Photon count" will be recommended for sure so you may as well buy that book first.
  3. It may not help but if you use PixInsight then you can use Blink
  4. Interesting thanks, I left mine at 3 secs (I think) when I moved to multi-star so will give a shorter exposure a try....
  5. I think it’s great too and also use the simple sequencer as it does more than enough for me.
  6. I'd go colour too unless you know a way of ensuring no clouds and then have the luxury of time on your hands
  7. Not sure how APT works but in NINA you'll see the resulting curve but having said that I still take a test image anyway to check. Can you do that?
  8. Looks just like spots I get on mine if they've had a bit of dew settle. I just give mine a clean and they're ok again.
  9. Nice image. I started imaging this just before the nights got too light, planning some more tomorrow night all being well. I'm using a GT81 and 294MC but no filter. You have more nebulosity than me but I'm hoping more lights will do that for me.... As far a PCC goes I just use the default average spiral galaxy.
  10. There is an option to create different profiles so you could set up a different scope, or anything else, if needed.
  11. Thanks both, so cropping most likely as expected and maybe that negates the extra focal length straight away. Any benefit elsewhere, ie guiding otherwise it sounds like I'm as well leaving things as they are Oh, sensor is 4/3 on the 294 so smaller than APS/C
  12. Hi all, I know the answer to my question is probably try it but I thought I'd ask first. I have a GT81 with Flat6AIII and ZWO294MC and I'm still new to this but the results I've had (to me) are great so far. If I check CCD suitability on Astronomy Tools then my scope/camera combination is clearly "better" without the 6AIII. If I removed the flattener just how much difference would it make? I realise the FL/FR will change of course but I'm thinking impact on guiding, star shapes, necessity to crop and maybe other things too but what are your thoughts?
  13. Late to this thread and can't help but reply but I too have had fantastic service from @FLO I bought a scope used on here that developed a focuser issue and they were brilliant in sorting it for me and the way they behaved was as if I'd just bought from them the day before. How they deal with issues is one of the true signs of their quality as being able to ship things they can't get hold of is pretty difficult.
  14. I have different scopes but even so i have the 17.5 and 9 is most likely next for me and and would seem to make most sense with the mag jump....
  15. Same here, no manual intervention needed to save the files captured. I have changed the "Image File Path" on my installation but I seem to recall there was a default setting.
  16. sending pm, as assuming not resolved.
  17. It said "wooden equatorial mount" when I looked I think.
  18. Ok, just had a quick look and a pair of these is maybe what i need. I have WO binos that I can focus with the 1.6x in my Stellamira but need the 2.0x for my bigger refractor. I've been looking at additional diaganols and the like with the hope of getting rid of the barlow so I could use eyepieces natively but with little joy. This could be my answer.... Where did you buy them if you don't mind me asking?
  19. Ah ok thank you, must do some research on these then.
  20. How does that work with these binoviewers as you're extending the lightpath by a certain amount so surely extra infocus is needed?
  21. Thanks and yes that's as I understand it and have watched videos galore, just that I've never done it myself so it's sort of the dread of "first time unattended" etc etc and getting up to the scope banging against the tripod legs I guess I need to engineer a situation and watch it do it itself....
  22. You'll get the answers it all depends on conditions etc and I've been tempted down this rabbit hole but I'm going to stick my neck out and say that unless you're after the last few % then probably not a lot at all. Take that with my inexperienced pinch of salt though
  23. Watching this with interest as I use Nina and have the same mount. I'm new to imaging and thus far have avoided anything that would even get near needing a flip given I've still not really got my head round what would happen having never seen it in real life as it were....
  24. Yes you can focus "manually" or otherwise using software, what I meant was you are unable to turn the focus knob manually unless you use the controller. You could, of course, undo the allen bolts so the spindle is free but then you lose your zero position and would have to set that up again. I use the ambient temp setting to refocus if the temp changes by say 5 degrees so it works just fine if you want to use it like that without the probe, it's just not measuring a really specific point that's all.
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