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Decent dew heaters?

Astro Waves

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Hi all,

Think I might need to get a bit more of a decent/reliable dew heater and was wandering if anyone has any recommendations? Had a look on the FLO site but they seem to be all out at the moment. Not exactly in a major rush but something I do need to sort out.


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I've had good results from the RVO 12 volt dew straps - RVO Heater Bands With Integrated Controller - Rother Valley Optics Ltd  These have an integrated controller (glorified dimmer switch) so there's no need for a separate controller. I have them on both my C8 and zenithstar 73 plus the two guidescopes.  I run two 12 volt power supplies to my pier, one for the mount itself and the other for accessories so I don't have an issue powering them.  They also do 5volt USB versions.


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I use the COOWOO USB heaters and have never had any issue with them. I have a dewcontrol db04 on my RC scope but I did notice if I did not supply that with separate power then I could hear the PWM whine through the camera which I was not happy with so just put a separate supply on it and everything was fine.

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