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  1. I have got into Astrophotography properly back in December 2019 when I purchased a used EQ5 from here and also went for a WO ZS61 scope. I soon migrated away from using my Sony A6300 as it could not be automated very well and then the usb connection broke so I moved onto a ASI183MC which I have really enjoyed. I knew that I wanted to upgrade the quality of the mount so sold the EQ5 and went for an EQ6-R PRO and have really enjoyed the experience. I know that if I went Mono with filters then I would get better images as the trouble is now I want truer colour than the ZS61 can provide and can se
  2. For a fan you are looking at around 24AWG which you will also find between 22AWG and 28AWG in ethernet cables. Here is a link on Ebay for cable of different lengths that will help. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Flexible-Silicone-Cable-Wire-1-METRE-8-10-12-14-16-18-20-22-24-28-30-AWG/264413293068?_trkparms=ispr%3D1&hash=item3d9042aa0c:g:yKsAAOSwWuldPtUU&amdata=enc%3AAQAFAAACcBaobrjLl8XobRIiIML1V4Imu%2Fn%2BzU5L90Z278x5ickkXKoKcbeZcOrOku%2BoOBl%2BS4IZUd7WzAPonnZws86NL6N4OZi4dZn70tQnGAV3MgO0owE2ZrnIwNsKXiSrZUGJTjjUwXuVIgYMVL1oHLfQtk%2BcyJaOyxXMcr7wgqX65uq5Hn%2B779CnQpQKmH5eJGL5vyX
  3. Hi Alan, I bet the mouse issue gets frustrating. I was taking some flats the other day and I got a strange circle shape in the middle of the image and I do not know what was causing it. But I altered the position on the LED tracing pad with a sheet of A4 and ran the process again and everything was fine. I have found that when I use SharpCap and use some of its sliders it can alter the settings of the main imaging camera. With the beta versions of APT and N.I.N.A you can set them to set the gain and offset prior to imaging and that has helped. I once found I had different gain and offset
  4. I use the beta of APT or the latest nightly build of N.I.N.A and I found that when I ran SharpCap on my imaging camera I remember that I altered the brightness setting to see the image better and that really threw off my settings as it alters offset and gain. In APT and N.I.N.A. you can now make sure that the gain and offset are always sent to the camera prior to imaging which I have found really helps. I remember I used a gain of 111 on my ASI183MC and all my Darks were 111 and then one day I found that my gain had gone back to 100 and I was still using the 111 gain darks which caused some ve
  5. I now use a camera now which has the same sensor as your ASI2600MC Pro camera after upgrading from my trusty ASI183MC. I only use my WO Zenithstar 61 with FLAT 61A at the moment but use the Optolong L-Enhance filter and use Astro Pixel Processor and PS only for my images and they are coming out great. I have found in the past with my ASI183MC if the darks have a different gain and offset as well as temperature then strange things will happen when I stack the lights in APP. Do your individual light frames look green?
  6. I found when I got unusual results I took a look at the FITS headers and found that the gain and offset had changed between my dark and light frames and that causes all sorts of strange things to happen. One I took some replacement darks for the same settings everything was fine again. Maybe worth a check.
  7. Welcome to SGL. I only started myself in December 2019 and am still learning but it is certainly an incredible feeling when you see images come out in post processing and know that you took them. Here is hoping for clear skies!
  8. Thanks Cornelius, must have missed that post when I was searching. I see TS show it should be in stock around March which is probably more realistic, so will have to be patient
  9. Hi, I am looking for a Celestron EdgeHD 8 as I want to image some small galaxies as my WO ZS61 is very wide view and I want to increase my options. Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks
  10. So with David Hinds closing it's doors who seemed to be the main uk distributor for Celestron who is going to be the distributor now? I know that the pandemic has caused issues worldwide but it would seem that many Celestron products are unavailable in most places so just wondered if any knows when production and supplies are going to start again?
  11. I have done many purchases on here and the process has been great and I have used PayPal in all of my transactions, I have not sold anything yet on here but I will be soon. I have only ever sold on Ebay and have not had a problem when using PayPal.
  12. I have been down this road and think that the best way is to have a Raspberry PI or Mini PC at the mount. Mount control should be done via Indi/Indigo or ASCOM depending on OS used. I would recommend direct connection for cameras as I found that via Indi/Indigo or ASCOM the cameras did not work as well as they do under a direct connection and trying to do run a focus loop over wifi was just terrible but much better via ethernet but still not as good as direct. This is why I ended up using an XCY30 MiniPC with Windows 10 and a RaspiOS under Virtualbox so I can use Indi/Indigo or ASCOM. This giv
  13. I think what you really need to do is take a look at making a call with C# .Net to ASCOM, https://ascom-standards.org/Downloads/DevSamples.htm or INDI or INDIGO https://sourceforge.net/projects/indisharp/ so that you can get the information from EQMOD. That is what I would do.
  14. I am looking into doing a mosaic with APT but just do not seem to be there the yet. I am looking at using SkyChart/Cartes du Ciel and then importing the plan into APT but am not sure that I have my starting rotation correct. Hopefully when the skies clear I will get to try out the Flat61R an see how that goes.
  15. Hi Raf, Guiding with PHD 2 using EQDIR will mean that your stars in your images will be even clearer than if your were to just rely on the tracking of the HEQ5 Synscan tracking. There is going to be periodic error in the movement of the HEQ5 and the guiding in PHD2 will counter act this error. This link explains it well Mount Periodic Error HTH Grant
  16. I currently have the WO 61 with the FLAT61A and the ASI183MC Pro on the EQ6-R mount (overkill!) but have also just purchased the FLAT61R as M31 is still too big for my fov. The ASI183MC Pro does have a lot of glow but I have managed to get rid of this using Astro Pixel Processor with the use of darks and dark flats although have not done flats yet which I have just got a LED tracing board for. This was my first attempt of M31 back in July and I can see loads of red artefacts coming from the area of glow from the ASI183MC which you will not get from the ASI533. And this is my second attemp
  17. The Askar is 2.56kg on its own. Depending on the extras you may be adding such as reducer, guide scope, camera adapter to focuser you will get to the 5kg limit of the Star Adventurer pro quite quickly and many say that you should only go to half the amount of the max payload when imaging. I actually started out with the Star Adventurer pro myself and that is also why I went down the Red/Space cat vs ZS61 route, but soon found the lure of a Goto mount so bought an EQ-5 second hand and was then hooked especially when I made my own EQMOD cable and got into the world of computer control. I have no
  18. For stacking and processing you want to get a machine with the fastest processor with a highest number of cores and most amount of RAM that you can afford but would go no less than 8gb of RAM. I would also stay away from Atom or Celeron based machines as the Intel i3,i5 and i7 are much better processors or even the AMD Ryzen series all which have a faster bus to the ram.
  19. I had the same decisions that you are going through but I went with the William Optics Zenithstar 61 over the Red/Space cat. After spending extra on the Flat61A and now the Flat61R I could have gone with the Red/Space cat as it does not need the extra field flattener. With the extra glass I would expect the colours to be better than I am getting with the ZS61 but I am pleased with what I went for and the ZS61 has a larger aperture than the Red/Space cat. If I were in the same position starting again I would be tempted by the ASKAR FRA400 with the FRA72RD as this has a really decent apertu
  20. I started back in mid 2019 the same as many others by first taking pictures with a Star Adventurer Pro of the Milky Way but really wanted to get images of other nebula and galaxies that are out there. I was frustrated with getting the star tracker aligned to my target and ended up in damaging my usb socket of my Sony A6300 when I added a guide scope which crushed the right angled USB cable and now I can no longer remote control the camera, which compared to the control of a Canon or Nikon was severely lacking anyway! So I purchased a secondhand EQ-5 goto mount in December 2019 along with
  21. Hi, I am looking for a ZWO ASI 183 MC PRO to go with my WO ZS61 outfit. Let me know what you have. Thanks.
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