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  1. If you have a power supply of sufficient capacity i.e. 10A or more, you could run a single cable from it to the mount then get a splitter . SSL Satellites 1 to 5 DC Power Splitter Cable 5.5 x: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics. Graeme
  2. I'm Jealous. I have 4 inches of snow on the observatory roof and the runners are iced up. Just as well work are keeping me occupied till the sun comes up. Graeme
  3. Well, after saying they weren't coming, the Royal Mail just delivered my ZWO ASI290MM mini. Smaller than I was expecting but I guess that's why it's a 'mini' And my new Dell imaging laptop just arrived too. Think It's going to be a fun evening downloading software. Graeme
  4. Today the postman should have been bringing my ZWO ASI290mm mini and a new celestron nexstar + hand control but apparently there's too much snow so they're not going to bother. Meanwhile DHL are confident they'll deliver my new laptop sometime this afternoon. Fingers crossed.
  5. When I first started looking at the sun I bought an A4 sheet of Baader solar paper and made a filter for my old meade 10" SNT out of cardboard. - used the front lens cover as a template. Worked very well till I sold the scope. Now I have a proprietary Baader solar filter for my C8 that simply slips over the front of the tube. I have a 'remnant' of the original sheet that I fasten over the finderscope with a rubber band. Always make sure the filter is the first thing the sun's rays reaches. Don't ever try to add a solar filter to your eyepiece otherwise the tube could heat up too much.
  6. Spent the weekend panelling the Scope room with OSB boards so hopefully it'll provide a bit of insulation. 6 hours to fit 7 boards though!! Still have the warm room to panel out but that involves even more cutting so I think I'll get the power into the shed sorted out first. As is typical with life just now, Saturday night was beautifullly clear but I had to work Graeme
  7. I was planning to upgrade from my celestron CG-5 to a skywatcher eq6 R pro mount so I managed to snag a reasonably priced second hand skywatcher eq-6 8" extension for future use. However, it looks like it could be another year before I upgrade and measurements suggest 8 inches won't be enough anyway. A foot of concrete will bring the CG5 up to where I need it and hopefully I'm future-proofed for the upgrade. Just need it to stop snowing long enough to get the mixer out. Graeme
  8. Spent an hour yesterday clearing snow and ice off the roof and runners as the sky looked like it might stay clear. WRONG! I managed about an hour viewing before it clouded over completely. Woke this morning to another three inches of snow. I did manage to get a couple of shots of the moon using my canon DSLR. No laptop yet so they're just snaps.
  9. I'm in a similar situation to you - when I built my shed the pier is now too low - so I've bought extra lengths of threaded bar and some long nuts. I plan to extend the existing pier bolts with bent bar and pour another foot of concrete, sinking a new set of bent pier bolts when it's poured. I had a discussion with a builder friend and he's of the opinion that the bent bars I put in will suffice to keep the new concrete stable although I may take a few three inch chunks out of top of the existing concrete for an extra 'key'. graeme
  10. I'd be out tonight but there's still 4 inches of snow on my observatory roof and the runners are full of ice. A real shame as it's been pretty clear the last couple of nights. I'm going to make time to clear all the snow off tomorrow so if it's clear again I may get out. Graeme
  11. As the title says. I've been looking into adding a guidescope to my Celestron C8 as I'm going to be trying out my hand at imaging once the snow clears and I can get the roof off my observatory. In my searching, I keep coming across statements e.g. Guidescope XXX won't work with a long focal length primary. The question I have is 'why not'? Surely if the guidescope is focussed on a star and whatever software is controlling the mount, the object will stay where it is in the primary's camera. Graeme
  12. Sorted. There's a very slight ripple in the threads on the clicklock. Ran a thread cleaning tool round it a few times and rubbed a 4B pencil into the threads. Ran the reducer into the click lock a few times to check it's threading the full length now and cleaned it all up again. There's still a tiny bit of binding in a couple of spots on each rotation but at least I don't have to shell out for an adaptor.
  13. Does that hold true for one shot colour CMOS/CCD too ? e.g. ZWO ASI183MC pro? (or any other zwo 'MC' for that matter). Graeme
  14. Thanks for that. Very interesting read. All sets of threads measure at 24 TPI with my gauge so I'm not sure what's going on. The Baader website states a 2" -24 thread on the clicklock, the celestron thread is 2" -24 and the meade has a standard male 2"-24 sct thread on one side and a standard sct female thread on the other so there shouldn't be an issue with the fit. Graeme
  15. I wasn't sure where to put this but here goes anyway. I have a Celestron C8 that I've been using a Meade focal reducer on for a couple of years. Never had a problem threading it to the scope or threading the celestron visual back to the reducer. I've just acquired a 2inch baader clicklock which screws to the scope with no issues. However, when I try to screw it onto the focal reducer, the threads bind up after no more than a turn and a half. I've inspected the threads on the scope, FR and clicklock and none are damaged in any way. Can anyone explain why they're so tight when the threads must
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