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SaturnV : scale 1:33 (3D-Printed)


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We'll also planning using model workers busy doing different tasks.
These figures are very hard to get at scale 1:33
So I've downloaded different figures from the net to print them myself.

They're only 55mm high so lots of detail will be lost printing these with a 0.4mm nozzle, even using 0.1mm layer height.


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Posted (edited)

Launchplatform installed, spots included and first parts of the LUT. From now on every other day we will install more parts.
To make things easy during assembly I installed a hinge at the bottom of the LUT. So when adding parts we tilt LUT to horizontal position and reposition afterwards. When LUT is complete we will secure it with a thick bolt to the launchplatform. The lower-frontpart of LUT is removed to make room for the tilting of LUT. When all is done that frontpart will be re-installed to make it complete again.
The elevator part is not complete. Now it is 'just' 2.5m high.
Meanwhile SaturnV is busy 'growing' on my printerplatforms...😃


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1 hour ago, Chriske said:

Meanwhile SaturnV is busy 'growing' on my printerplatforms...😃


Hi Chris,

I can't see the image without signing in to the modelling forum there

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My son has a PrusaMini and wants to print these workers I mentioned higher up in this thread.
When slicing he gets a very strange result, the Prusa Slicer decapitates the figures(not all). Even after a repair in the P-Slicer itself.
Slic3r does the same job perfectly.

What's wrong here...?





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In such a case I print the man upside down, to avoid using support. Because of the very delicate parts(fingers) these parts break while removing the support. I add a small disk, 1mm high to secure it's head firmly to the buildplate. Afterwards I cut it off and file to smooth the helmet.

While printing its head is embedded in that small disk.

skirt 30x1.stl

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It prints for me using Cura. Maybe I should have used a finer quality setting. This is at 0.20mm with tree supports. Not sure I can print fine enough to get the fingers too



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From now on we will be adding parts every other day or so, depending how fast we can 'deliver'.
Next a crane will be added. There was non we know but we thought it would be fun to go this way.  Especially for the many children visiting our local observatory.

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On 14/07/2022 at 17:17, Chriske said:

Forgot to mention : still 1.1m to add to this tower = another 5 floors.

Very impressive look forward to seeing the final construction.

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