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stargazer from grimsby


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hi everyone.i'm new to the amateur astronomy game.had my telescope (skywatcher explore 130 autotrak) for a week now.still not managed to get out yet due to the clouds.been cloud obsessed for the last week and constantly looking at the sky.not a good idea when driving but hard to stop yourself! anyway hope to get out soon to see for myself what everyoe on this great forum is going on about.

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thanks for the warm wlcome.anyway it must have been something i said bcause within half an hour of writing my post the clouds cleared and i was out armed with stellarium on my laptop and a pair of 10x50 binos under a crystal clear night sky.after finding the orion nebular i set up my telescope and had a good look.i had a great view of venus and the orion nebular then set my sights on finding the andromida galaxy.using stellarium i eventually found it but within seconds before i had chance to change my eye piece the cloud roled in again DOH! all in all a great half an hour and very exciting i even persuaded the wife to come out and have a look.can't wait for some warmer weather though.

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Hi Mastodon, I'm new to this forum too - joined a few days ago. Already had loads of help and advice off this great bunch, they are brilliant! I should be getting the same scope as you in the next month, glad you managed to try it out - the cloud is relentless here.

Welcome to SGL :lol:


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