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  1. having used this forum for about a month since i bought my skywatcher explorer 130pm i have read numerous post advising to upgrade the standard eyepieces.now being the cynic i am i thought that more expensive eyepieces couldn't possibly make that much difference over the standard ones as the images i was getting seemed perfectly fine to me.however accepting that most people on this forum seem to know what they are on about i purchased a set of meade 4000's.now i deffinately stand corrected.this,to me is the single most important and usefull recommendation that a beginner should listen to.the v
  2. thanks everyone for the replies.they are alot more descriptive than my instruction manual.i just need a clear night now to get out and try it.
  3. a warm welcome from me zhiang.i am also new to this forum and have found everyone on it to be very helpfull and friendly,
  4. keep trying for saturn.i am also new to astronomy and got my first perfect view of saturn last night using my explorer 130pm with a 4mm plossl eye piece.the view was perfectly sharp showing the rings as a straight line cutting across the planet and also three of the moons.i was so blown away i dragged the wife and kids out to have a look.nebulaes not so good due to the bright moon i think and also cos my next door neighbour seems to think its a good idea to put his security and upstairs lights on every time i'm in the garden!damn him!
  5. thanks for the info mike,very helpful.i had just about made my mind up about upgrading but have just noticed the price of the scope has shot up from £312 to £389 overnight.missed a right bargain.
  6. could anyone please explain how to set the tracking set up of my skywatcher explorer 130PM supatrak.i bought it second hand without instructions and downloaded a copy off the skywatcher website but they seem very vague and don't explain the process very well.i'e enjojed some good views so far especially of the moon and saturn but find it spoilt by them constantly moving out of the f.o.v.thanks for looking.
  7. i've managed to get some good veiwing over the last three nights with my skywatcher explorer 130PM,especially last night when i got a brilliant view of the moon and also saw saturn and its rings for the first time although it was quite faint.my question is before i sucumb to apperture fever could anyone tell what the significant benifits would be to upgrading to the skywatcher 10" dodsonian as these seem to be alot of telescope for not alot of money.would galaxies and nebulae be alot brighter?i have allready been advised on this forum to get a decent 32mm eyepiece so would i be better sticking
  8. thanks for the info people.when funds allow (the wife) i'll invest in a 32mm eyepiece.
  9. could anyone let me know what would be the best size eye piece for observing DSO with my skywatcher explorer 130 pm or maybe suggest a decent upgrade that won't break the bank.i have seen a few objects including andromeda but don't think i'm getting the besy out of my scope.
  10. thanks for the warm wlcome.anyway it must have been something i said bcause within half an hour of writing my post the clouds cleared and i was out armed with stellarium on my laptop and a pair of 10x50 binos under a crystal clear night sky.after finding the orion nebular i set up my telescope and had a good look.i had a great view of venus and the orion nebular then set my sights on finding the andromida galaxy.using stellarium i eventually found it but within seconds before i had chance to change my eye piece the cloud roled in again DOH! all in all a great half an hour and very exciting i e
  11. hi everyone.i'm new to the amateur astronomy game.had my telescope (skywatcher explore 130 autotrak) for a week now.still not managed to get out yet due to the clouds.been cloud obsessed for the last week and constantly looking at the sky.not a good idea when driving but hard to stop yourself! anyway hope to get out soon to see for myself what everyoe on this great forum is going on about.
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