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Walking on the Moon

Ciao all


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Hi all guys,

I am Giovanni, from Italy, very new to astronomy, always been a passion of mine but never put it into practice; finally I got a very good friend with whom to share my passion(s), my 8 years old son, he is way excited with our new scope, a SW80ED pro, our plan is to go observe with his classmates and next week, if weather allows, the plan is to go watch the Lunin.

That's actually all

Clear skies to you all


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Giovanni,welcome to SGL.

Have you picked out the mount yet for the scope?


Not yet Glen, I am in big trouble because yesterday I did a try with my manfrotto photo tripod and heavy duty ball head but it takes too long to damp vibrations and next week I am planning to take my son's class mates to observe Lulin...

I am looking on the used market and found a hand made Giro3 like head plus a heavy duty wood tripod but I am still not convinced about it, found a Vixen Porta but dunno why I don't like it...

trouble trouble trouble and I know that the cat, to make it quick, did blind kids (as an italian motto says) so I don't want to run the danger of making a bad deal just because of a hurry.

thanks all


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Hi Giovanni,

A very warm welcome to SGL, hope you resolve your tripod problem, if it is any help I have been told that heavy wooden tripods dampen vibrations better than metal ones,

if this is not the case I am sure someone will say otherwise. enjoy your trip.



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