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Sharpcap, DSLR and main scope polar alignment

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No questions but thought my experience with PA using Sharpcap and a Canon 800D might be of help to some.

Although I thought I was nailing Polar Alignment with a polar scope on my Fornax Lightrack, I could not get longer subs than 150secs.  I considered buying a Polemaster but I thought was a bit pricey, so looked at a small guide scope and a webcam solution with Sharpcap which was a good bit cheaper.  

Researching Sharpcap and DSLRs, I read that PA might be possible with my WO ZS73 (430mm) main scope.  I needed to install the ASCOM platform and then the DSLR Camera Setup for Ascom and, of course, Sharpcap.  Sharpcap recognised my 800D camera and I completed an "Excellent" PA within minutes.  On the first night I managed 180sec subs and experimented with 240sec - all nice round stars.  How far can I go?  I had done a manual PA first which was a fair bit off from the Sharpcap PA, so not as nailed on as I thought!

I'd rather not be using a laptop but I can't argue against the results.

I hope that might be useful for some.


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Just to add to this.  I've discovered ASCOM is not required (my Antivirus didn't like the DSLR Camera Setup driver which is a 3rd Party offering and not provided by ASCOM). 

Instead, take images using EOSUtility and save to a suitable folder on your PC.  Nominate that folder in Sharpcap under Camera>Folder Monitor Camera.  It seems to only work with jpgs, not RAW, but that is OK for a PA.

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21 hours ago, Albastars said:

Just to add to this.  I've discovered ASCOM is not required (my Antivirus didn't like the DSLR Camera Setup driver which is a 3rd Party offering and not provided by ASCOM). 

Instead, take images using EOSUtility and save to a suitable folder on your PC.  Nominate that folder in Sharpcap under Camera>Folder Monitor Camera.  It seems to only work with jpgs, not RAW, but that is OK for a PA.

This is really interesting to me as i'd like to use sharpcap to refine PA on my Star adventurer but could not get the Ascom Driver for DSLR to work.

I use sharpcap all the time to PA on my NEQ6 and my Wedged LX200 so I know the procedure - But i'm not sure how you would do that using images captured in EOS uitility could you detail your work flow to PA in that way.


Thanks - you may just have saved me from investing in brackets etc to attache a guide scope.

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Sorry for taking a while to get back to you.  I've yet to use EOSUtility for an actual PA yet - clouds🙄  But, inside I've tested it as far as Sharpcap recognising and trying to solve the first image.  

I came across this thread on CN.  A workflow is described there in the first post - didn't seem much point in me writing it out again.  In that same post there is a link to setting up and troubleshooting the ASCOM Driver for DSLR which I found useful.

I'll test it asap, hopefully this week.  Hope it works for you.  Let us know how you get on.

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      I am a complete nooby. And I’m trying to get going (on a budget) with what I have available. I am trying to use my dslr canon 2000d with Nina and sharpcap. Unfortunately after downloading the drivers etc it’s still not connecting to either. Please help!
      many thanks, Mike. 
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      Hi All - I'm fortunate to have a EQ6R Pro that has been in residence for about a year (unfortunately predominately hidden in garage due to weather and forest fire conditions for most of the year).  The few times I've had it out, I've failed to get a proper Polar Alignment.  I've used all the tools Sharp Cap, PoleMaster, Plate Solving and so on.
      My main issue has been once I'm within a couple of degree's I can get it to position no better.  Fine adjustments on both RA and DEC give cause to jump around.  I've watch every video/help show and finally have to admit defeat (hopefully short lived).  
      The EQ6R Pro has the same issues the EQ6 has (with northern latitudes).  RA adjustments are just as horrendous no matter how sensitive I try to be.  
      The EQ6 had some tools created for it that one could purchase (RAIL Kit) that seemed to solve one of my issues (unfortunately not available for the Pro).  
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      I've recently upgraded to an ASI533mc pro from a DSLR. As I am living in the southern hemisphere and in bortle 6 light pollution, I don't have site of Sigma octanis to get a rough initial polar alignment and previously found that using the reticle feature on my DSLR live view with the synscan polar alignment routine, I could get quite accurate polar alignment in 5-10 minutes (180second unguided subs with around 80% keepers, I don't trust the estimates but under 2 arcminutes generally) My initial setup is usually 3 or 4 degrees out in azimuth.
      I had a go with phd2 PA last night without much luck, I'm assuming because my initial setup was more than a couple of degrees out. I'm happy to just use the synscan routine as I can complete it quickly enough and achieve a good enough alignment, especially now that I'm guiding, and it would seem I would have to run a few iterations of it anyway to get my initial setup close to simulate you lucky northerners with your bright polaris in the polar scope. So my question is, what is a decent piece of software with reticle live view to use with my Asi533mc pro? I currently have NINA, ASI studio and PHD2 installed and I couldn't figure out how to superimpose a reticle last night.
      Also, Sharpcap pro seems to be the most commonly recommended software for polar alignment. However I am using an SCT telescope and a smaller sensor camera so my field of view doesn't meet the requirements stated by sharpcap. Has anybody tried using Sharpcap pro PA at 1500mm and 945mm (f6.3 reducer) with any success? 
      Besides drift alignment, which would take longer than the synscan routine for me, are there any other pieces of software that I should try that won't cost an arm and a leg?
      I'm running an HEQ 5 with a Celestron 6se using an Asi533mc pro imaging cam with an ASI290mm mini on a ZWO OAG for guiding.
      I'm open to suggestions for other software to use for imaging, I only installed NINA because the functionality and price point is amazing, and it gets rave reviews.
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      In settings the correct filter wheel setup and it lists the filters which I guess was copied across from the 3.2 version. I have posted this on the Sharpcap forum but wondered if SGL members can tell me how to add or change the filter
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