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  1. I was out last night, not expecting great images because of the moon, but testing my setup - Fornax Lightrack II and Sony A7riii plus 100-400mm lens at 400mm. With my best Polar alignment yet, I managed my first reasonable 3min sub but, to be honest, I was hoping for better. When viewed at 100% there isn't much difference between the 2 and 3min subs but there is clear trailing at 4min. Can anyone comment on whether I should be able to get 4mins at 400mm? Or maybe I should refrain from pixel peeping? Its noticeable in all the subs below that the smaller stars have the appearance oh 1/2
  2. It may be galaxy season but my 400mm zoom comes up a little too short so I was happy to discover the Iris Nebula. I managed 4hrs 40 mins on it a couple of nights ago. Sony A7riii, Sony 100-400mm @400mm ISO 800, 140 x 2min subs, F5.6 Stacking and most of the stretching done in Siril, finished in Affinity Photo. I was pleased with my first effort below until I saw this APOD - https://apod.nasa.gov/apod/ap160506.html The bottom picture is my latest effort.
  3. Thank you. As long as we enjoy it, I don't think we should worry about levels. I think my aim is to enjoy the learning and make the best images I can without throwing too much money at it - for now, at least! I was out last night and come up against a balancing problem. I was imaging Bode's Galaxy and hit balance problems as the camera/lens were hanging off the side - too much torque on the tripod head I think. Hopefully, the new wedge will help but I probably need a counterweight system - £££££
  4. Thanks everyone for your comments. Appreciated. Clear skies forecast for tonight!
  5. Thanks. I've now added the focal length and f stop to my original post but the settings were 400mm/f5.6.
  6. Hi everyone, My first post and one of my first DSO images - M101. I am really happy with this but realise that I have a long way to go to. I have no background astonomy experience beyond finding Polaris and recognising a couple of constellations. Any comments/advice would be welcome on how I can improve within the scope of my equipment . I seem to have settled on Siril for stacking, background extraction and stretching Mount - Fornax Lightrack II with Manfrotto 410 head acting as a wedge (about to be replaced with the Fornax wedge) Camera - Sony A7riii (42MB, full frame a
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